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Annmarie Skin Care – We should all enjoy our beauty regimen this much.

After scraping every last bit of the samples given (a very good sign when it comes to reviewing something), 3 products stood out and I simply broke down and purchased them, I enjoyed them that much! Isn’t that what a beauty regimen should be? While some things in life can be met with frustration or meh… your skin care routine shouldn’t be one of them!

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BCA Beauty: Sukicolor and Sukipure

During the month of October 10% of the sales of Suki’s Velvet Moisturizer Cream and Sukicolor’s Pure Cream Lip and Cheek Stain in Opal will be contributed to the BCA (Breast Cancer Action). 

Suki’s Velvet Cream is a greaseless, sensuous, all over body cream made with organic botanical nutrients hydrates while smoothing away bumps & imperfections for healthier, smoother skin. ideal for everyone ($26.95;  

Sukicolor’s Pure Cream Stain in Opal is a gorgeous shimmery neutral with just a touch of peachy pink ($40.15;

Both beautiful for your skin and ways to support BCA.

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What’s in Your Bonnet? Skincare and Balms

When some of my local friends got wind that I was a beauty blogger, they were full of suggestions for their favorite beauty products.  One of them even sent me an amazing assortment of locally owned skincare products from a company called, In Your Bonnet.  Thanks Ruth!

“In Your Bonnet” carries handmade and finely crafted skin balms, creams, and bath products.   Their skincare products are made with beeswax, plant oils and botanicals to create a simple and yet very effective line. 

“In Your Bonnet is a family business located in a high desert valley of Utah, the beehive state. Our weather is one of extremes, from near zero cold winters with lots of the “greatest snow on earth” to hot, dry summers with temperatures over 100 degrees and humidity less than 20%.

In Your Bonnet started as a means to an end… we wanted high quality, natural products for our dry, sensitive skin. Honey has long been used for its medicinal properties and as hobby beekeepers, we knew the addition of honey and beeswax would benefit any products we produced. When demand exceeds our own supply we use honey and beeswax from local Utah hives rather than imported honey in our soap, lotions, and balms.”

My favorite product has to be In Your Bonnet’s “Heel Thyself.”   This heel balm has a mild honey and lemon scent and is in a deoderant stick container (very smart).  You simply twist the container and apply this wonderfully soothing balm onto your heels, elbows, or any rough spots around your body.  This balm goes on a bit greasy, but absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soothed and protected.  My cracked and dry heels have been loving this!

They also carry a lovely nail and cuticle cream, lip balm, and their own facial skincare line and handmade soaps. 

Support our locally owned and small businesses by checking out the inyourbonnet website store.   I promise you won’t bee disappointed!

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FGW: I didn’t even like lavender

Until I found the real deal.

During an exquisite anniversary getaway to San Juan Island, my husband and I happened across the Pelindaba Lavender Farm. Pelindaba (pel-in-DAH-buh) is the Zulu word for “place of great gatherings”. Open day or night to painters and photographers, offering display space for sculptures, hosting a free admission Harvest Festival each year, and participating in several other local and international endeavors, Pelindaba more than lives up to its name.

Pelindaba’s farming and distillery have been certified organic. When you buy essential oil from Pelindaba, all you get is pure lavender, no extra additives like pesticides. In addition to their oil and hydrosol (floral water produced during the steam distillation of essential lavender oil), they offer a dizzying array of body, cleaning, cooking, and decorative items.

The facial toner and cleanser is light and refreshing. Since it’s a natural antiseptic it’s been really great for my blemish prone skin. It’s remarkably good at removing makeup, and because it’s natural the scent isn’t overpowering. Having experienced many lavender scented items throughout my life, I was amazed to find that actual lavender smells nothing like them! It was like the difference between watermelon flavored gum and an actual watermelon. Sign me up for the real thing, because it is so much better than 99% of the stuff out there.

For a truly adventurous experience, might I suggest trying a few of their lavender infused culinary products. Honey mustard, vinegar, salt, pepper, chutney, honey, sugar, chocolate sauce…the list is amazing! White Chocolate Chip Lavender cookies and a big glass of Lavender Lemonade are now some of my favorite treats. Somehow the addition of lavender to a glass of lemonade makes it ever so much more refreshing on a hot day.

The retail spaces are well laid out and inviting, and the gift packaging is simple and beautiful. They offer a wide variety of gifts sets and I found something to please everyone on my list. The staff was friendly, helpful, and it is obvious they really believe in what they do and what they sell. Their emphasis on Quality over Quantity is refreshing and truly leads to a better product.

With a retail space at the farm, in Friday Harbor, and in Seattle, as well as a full offering of products online, anyone can experience the benefits of products that come from a farm that really cares. Lavender is calming and soothing. It’s great for tension relief, but lavender’s benefits go much further. It’s an all natural disinfectant, topical analgesic, and even an anesthetic. Hey, if you can find something else with all those qualities that tastes as good in a chocolate truffle as lavender does, let me know!

July 1, 2008 at 11:02 pm 6 comments

Battle of the Breakouts

This is a repeat post from a few months back, with some minor revisions…

Back in 1986, some of my high school friends and a few band geeks organized an event called the “Battle of the Bands.” The idea isn’t original, but their music certainly was. One of them even videotaped it and published it on YouTube! ( They all had visions of becoming the next Neil Young.

The memories of that teen scene bring me to the current topic. While the bands had their battles, I battled with bouts of acne as a teenager. I tried everything: antibiotics, Retin- A, benzoyl peroxide products like Clearasil, Noxema, cleaning pads like Stridex, and the lists goes on. All with varied results, I hated Retin-A.

I also loved to tan. I used baby oil and aluminum foil while laying out. Sunscreen? Are you kidding me!? I spent most of my babysitting money on trips to the tanning beds.

Now, as a mature, knowledgeable adult, I don’t tan anymore and religiously use sunscreen. However, due to hormones, stress and sun damage, I still battle with break outs!

Since a year ago, when I finally said ENOUGH, I set out on a quest for a real break out solution. I have been seeing a Dermatologist regularly. I use daily sunscreen & avoid the sun when possible. And, I invest in highly-recommended skincare lines and cosmetics.  My skin is making progress.  Slow, but real progress.

What I recommend?  
  1. Consider Retin-A again, Renova and/or Generic Tretinoin Cream (it is an emollient and is much less harsh than what I tried as a teenager). I have read that every person over 30 can benefit from using Retin-A. That is unless you are pregnant or nursing…
  2. Benzaclin Cream:  Px topical cream with both antibiotic and drying/healing properties. Good stuff for keeping zits at bay or spot treating an existing blemish.
  3. Monthly Glycolic Peels: expensive procedure, but easy to do. There is no downtime and, over several peels, this procedure will improve your skin cell turnover rate, improve clarity, even tone, lighten pigmentation, etc.


  • Excellent Skincare Lines:  Caudalie, Suki, Cosmedicine, Kate Somerville, Philosophy… On a budget?  Cetaphil Lotion is a great cleanser.  Organic is nice to consider as well.  I try to avoid any cleansers that are harsh or that strip my skin.  Squeaky clean is not a good thing.
  • Exfoliate: Lots out there, but I love Suki’s Lemongrass Cleanser, yummy lemon smell and both a scrub and a cleanser.  This leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed.  Be careful not to use facial scrubs on areas that are inflammed or currently breaking out.  Scrubs will only aggravate your breakouts.
  • Facial Peels.  Removes dead skin and increases cell turnover rate.
  1. Fruit Enzyme Peels.  One of my favorite fruit enzyme peels is from called, “Natural Pumpkin and 5% Multi Fruit Complex Peel.” Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes one a week and follow with a soothing lotion.
  2. Another fantastic but not cheap peel is from Murad.  Murad’s Intensive Resurfacing Peel ($164 and used for 12 weeks) is the closest product that I have tried that is somewhat like a low concentration gylcolic peel that you would receive at a Dermatologists office.  Little bamboo beads, glycolic and salicylic acid provide a wonderul exfoliation.  The little plastic dispensers are infuriating and wasteful, but the product is great.  Both of these peels offer a good alternative to the Glycolic Peel from a Dermatologist and are a lot less expensive.

Everyone has a different skin journey to travel.  My heart goes out to those who suffer from acne.  Please feel free to share any of your solutions or favorite skincare products. 

As music legend Neil Young sings,“Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World!”

June 12, 2008 at 6:34 am 2 comments

Shine-Busting Beauty: Alison Raffaele Giveaway at MBB

Summer is around the bend, and summer brings the heat, humidity, and the blazing sunshine. Unfortunately for oily-skinned gals, the summer heat helps create another type of shine, the skin shine that causes our makeup to slip and slide off within a few hours.

Alison Raffaele Cosmetics has come up with a fantastic set of products to offset the slippery effects of the summer skin oil slick.

Introducing Alison Raffaele’s “Shine Buster” set:

Face Forward Primer Acne Response ($44)

Alison’s Face Forward Primer is one of my favorite rave about products and was reviewed on St Patrick’s Day as a great way to go green. A little bit goes a long way. This primer not only makes my skin feel like velvet; it helps my foundation glide on beautifully, and it provides an spf 15.

  • Foundation primer + acne treatment + SPF 15
  • Contains proprietary, time-released (12+ hours)
  • 100% paraben, talc, oil, gluten and fragrance free
  • Natural mineral-based sunscreen SPF 15 provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Dermatologist Tested and Approved

Alison Raffaele Blotting Tissues ($9)

Unbleached and powder-free, these super-absorbent paper tissues remove excess oil and perspiration from the skin without disturbing makeup.

Transparent Finish To Go ($42)

  • New cornstarch-based formula is talc and paraben free for your healthiest skin ever
  • Although powder appears white in jar, Transparent Finish is completely clear on ALL skintones, from fairest to deepest
  • Suitable for ALL skin types – will not build up or oxidize on oily skins and will not collect in the fine lines of more mature skins
  • Ultra lightweight formula feels clean and comfortable on the skin
  • Perfect for setting all liquid and cream cosmetics
  • Will not change the color of other cosmetics
  • Banishes shine and provides a natural matte finish
  • May be reapplied as necessary
  • 100% paraben, talc, oil, gluten and fragrance free, Dermatologist Tested and Approved
Now that I have your interest, Alison Raffaele is awarding this exclusive “Summer Shine Buster Set” to three lucky winners at Mythbuster Beauty! Isn’t that incredible?! To enter, please place your comment at this post, one entry per person, and submit your email address. All entries must be in by May 31, 2008. Best wishes and many thanks to Alison Raffaele Cosmetics, our summer oily skin thanks you as well!

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Supracor Stimulite® Bath Mitt paired with Caudalie’s Spa Radiance Set

Needing a brilliant Mother’s Day gift?

Here is something sure to thrill most women.  It sure would thrill me!

How ’bout a Supracor Bath Mitt paired up with Caudalie’s Spa Radiance Set?

Supracor uses a flexible, Stimulite® medical grade material to create the ultimate bath mitt.  This bath mitt cleans, exfoliates and massages your skin.  Use it wet with your favorite soap or shower gel to create a foamy lather.  Or use it dry, brushing your body with upward strokes toward the heart, stimulating the lymph system and releasing the toxins that produce cellulite.  Supracor’s Stimulite® honeycomb material is naturally antifungal and antibacterial, it dries very quickly. 

I have fallen in love with this exceptionally hi-tech bath mitt for exfoliating my back, arms and legs.  I love how this mitt feels and scrubs gently, and how quickly this mitt dries out.  No worries about breeding bacteria or it becoming funky smelling.  I would imagine this mitt will last for long time, well worth the price.  The Supracor bath mitt would be a fabulous Mother’s Day gift, or for anyone who loves bath and shower accessories.  I also have my eye on their stimulite® body scrubber, for those hard to reach areas like the shoulder blades and back.

You can purchase the Supracor Bath Mitt at the Supracor website for $32. 

Pair this bath mitt with the Caudalie’s Spa Radiance Set ($56), a match made in heaven!


What it is:
If you haven’t heard Kate and me gush about how much we love Caudalie, now is a great time to try this outstanding skincare line.  The Caudalie Spa Radiance Set is a Sephora exclusive.  It consists of a set of six of Caudalie’s most sought-after spa favorites.  A 1 oz Beauty Elixir, a 5.3 oz Fleur de Vigne French-Milled Soap, a 8.5 oz Nourishing Body Lotion, 1 oz Vine Peach Shower Gel, a 0.5 oz Hand and Nail Cream*, and a 1.6 oz Sauvignon Scrub.

What it does:
This exclusive set features a selection of products to pamper you with the signature natural ingredients Caudalie is famous for. Grape seed oil, a powerful antioxidant with an anti aging effect, and moisturizing shea butter.  Scented with natural fragrances such as grape blossom, orange, almond, rosewater, and grapefruit. 

*Caudalie’s Hand and Nail Cream smells fruitacular (with grape and citrus notes), it is such a bright and natural scent.  The Caudalie Hand and Nail Cream became my favorite go-to hand lotion and healed my dry, chapped hands all winter! 

**All Caudalie’s products are gentle, all natural, and contain no sodium lauryl sulfate!


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