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BCA Beauty: Sukicolor and Sukipure

During the month of October 10% of the sales of Suki’s Velvet Moisturizer Cream and Sukicolor’s Pure Cream Lip and Cheek Stain in Opal will be contributed to the BCA (Breast Cancer Action). 

Suki’s Velvet Cream is a greaseless, sensuous, all over body cream made with organic botanical nutrients hydrates while smoothing away bumps & imperfections for healthier, smoother skin. ideal for everyone ($26.95;  

Sukicolor’s Pure Cream Stain in Opal is a gorgeous shimmery neutral with just a touch of peachy pink ($40.15;

Both beautiful for your skin and ways to support BCA.

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FGW: Korres Ginger & Vitamins Foundation SPF 10

I’m an impulse buyer. Really. You know those racks of stuff by the checkout at the store, “impulse racks”? They put those there for me. My husband loves to tease that I can’t get through a line without grabbing something, anything. Hey, I completely forgot I needed a permanent marker, an eyeglass repair kit, and antler polish until just this moment, okay?

So when I placed my last Sephora order and they recommended a foundation based on my profile information, who was I to turn them down? Into my basket it went. After all, if a random computer generated match of products isn’t right for me, what on earth is?!

I have to say, I’ve never been happier with an impulse buy.

I had previously heard of Korres, but they’ve mainly stayed under my radar because they aren’t sold in any local shops. A Greek company with roots in Homeopathic Pharmacy, they now offer more than 500 products for face, body, and hair. As a company they strive to stay true to their history , and use many natural ingredients while avoiding things like mineral oil and silicone. The yoghurt ( or yogurt, depending on which side of the pond you hail from) products contain real edible yogurt if that gives you an idea of their dedication to time tested herbal remedies.

The Ginger & Vitamins Foundation ($28) is packaged in a tube, much like toothpaste, which is incredibly durable and handy. I have no qualms about tossing this in my diaper bag on the way out the door, as it is tough and the cap stays put. While this is billed as a medium coverage I think it’s somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a traditional medium coverage, simply because of its amazing lightweight feel. Something about this foundation covers my red blemishes wonderfully and evens my skin tone. My skin appears soft and fresh, and the formula stays well without caking or changing color through the day. So easy to blend, I simply can’t stress enough how wonderfully natural this foundation looks and feels. The decision to replace synthetic silicone with dry vegetable oils doesn’t hurt this product at all, as it still has a smooth feel with really good staying power. I haven’t experienced any skin irritation or breakouts from this product, though it does contain Glycerin (sorry Jami).

I would expect more than an SPF 10 in this day and age. By now companies should know to use a broad spectrum sunscreen of at LEAST 15 or just skip it altogether and let us apply our own underneath. Claiming SPF coverage when very little is actually offered is one of my pet peeves, since it can make many women feel as though they’re doing the “safe” thing, while actually leaving them poorly protected. When in doubt, make sure you have a moisturizer with good SPF or a lightweight sunscreen in your arsenal just in case. Depending on your skin type you may want to set this foundation with powder or carry your tube for touch-ups through the day.

This spontaneous buy has turned out to be a real find. It bumped my previous favorite face color, a tinted moisturizer, and has shown itself to be a great all-purpose foundation. Quick to apply and easy to blend, with great coverage to boot!

September 24, 2008 at 1:46 am 3 comments

What’s in Your Bonnet? Skincare and Balms

When some of my local friends got wind that I was a beauty blogger, they were full of suggestions for their favorite beauty products.  One of them even sent me an amazing assortment of locally owned skincare products from a company called, In Your Bonnet.  Thanks Ruth!

“In Your Bonnet” carries handmade and finely crafted skin balms, creams, and bath products.   Their skincare products are made with beeswax, plant oils and botanicals to create a simple and yet very effective line. 

“In Your Bonnet is a family business located in a high desert valley of Utah, the beehive state. Our weather is one of extremes, from near zero cold winters with lots of the “greatest snow on earth” to hot, dry summers with temperatures over 100 degrees and humidity less than 20%.

In Your Bonnet started as a means to an end… we wanted high quality, natural products for our dry, sensitive skin. Honey has long been used for its medicinal properties and as hobby beekeepers, we knew the addition of honey and beeswax would benefit any products we produced. When demand exceeds our own supply we use honey and beeswax from local Utah hives rather than imported honey in our soap, lotions, and balms.”

My favorite product has to be In Your Bonnet’s “Heel Thyself.”   This heel balm has a mild honey and lemon scent and is in a deoderant stick container (very smart).  You simply twist the container and apply this wonderfully soothing balm onto your heels, elbows, or any rough spots around your body.  This balm goes on a bit greasy, but absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling soothed and protected.  My cracked and dry heels have been loving this!

They also carry a lovely nail and cuticle cream, lip balm, and their own facial skincare line and handmade soaps. 

Support our locally owned and small businesses by checking out the inyourbonnet website store.   I promise you won’t bee disappointed!

September 12, 2008 at 8:07 am 3 comments

Gingi: No gimmicks, just smart skincare.

This summer I attended the Cosmoprof North American Trade Show and met with several beauty and skincare companies.  At this show literally dozens of skincare lines are being featured and each line seems to have a gimmick.  Ingredients that guarantee to lighten, tighten, brighten and stimulate your skin, and promise to make you look 21 again.  With skincare, I really don’t want a gimmick, I just want a well orchestrated skincare line that works well with my skin type.  And that is exactly why I am excited to introduce you to the Gingi Skincare line.

I tried several samples of their line, and was instantly impressed.  All felt, smelled and reacted well with my 39 year old skin that is sensitive to break outs.  In my first letter to Gingi, I jotted down some of my first impressions: 

  • I like the simple and informative product names, like “Deep Comforting Cleanser” and “Instant Eye Lift Masks.”  Dang, I could use some of those eye masks this morning!
  • I enjoy the natural fragrances (or lack of) of the products I have sampled.
  • I really like the gel formulations of the moisturizers and treatments, they absorb well and do not leave a residue or sticky feeling on my skin.  In the winter months, I might want a cream based lotion though.
  • So far, I have been able to tolerate products without any sensitivity issues or breakouts. 
  • The Sun Care Cream was really nice, absorbed well, with a light, pleasant orange scent.

Gingi Skincare responded to my feelings by saying,

“We pretty much try to keep the whole line simple – part of our philosophy.  A simple line of high quality products and high quality ingredients (90% of the raw materials come from Germany and 10% from Japan – we manufacture and bottle here in southern California).  We package our products for gift sets as well – something you don’t see too much of in the skincare trade.
As for the fragrance (or lack of), the products are designed to be unisex so we try to keep the scent as neutral as possible.  I use the Refreshing Toning Water as an aftershave and the Citrus Sun Care on top of my head (no hair!) – though I always tell everyone that the best sunblock is to stay out of the sun!  By the way, the Citrus Sun Care is featured in a sun care article in the August issue of Day Spa magazine.”

I was also lucky enough to get some full size products to use for a longer period of time and was equally impressed.  These items included Gingi’s Deep Comforting Cleanser, Green Tea Face and Body Mist, and Vitamin C & E Lipsome Moisturizer.  All wonderful products, but my favorite product by far was Gingi’s “Citrus Sun Care” which provides sun protection in a non-greasy formula and also treats the skin with antioxidants and antiseptic qualities.  My skin adores this stuff!

I recently compiled a list of the seven beauty items I would bring if stranded on a desert island and Gingi’s Citrus Sun Care topped my list.

Gingi’s skincare is notably more pricey than your drugstore skincare brands, but what you would expect to pay for a specialty brand (the $30-$50 price range).  Considering the high quality of the ingredients and performance of the line, I would consider purchasing some Gingi skincare as money well spent.   Feel free to contact their customer service for any questions with your specific skin concerns.

Gingi is offering Mythbuster Beauty readers an additional incentive by including 1 box of Facial Absorbent Paper ($25) on orders of $100 or more (& free shipping included).  The code to use at checkout is GINGIMBB.

September 4, 2008 at 7:23 am 3 comments

Fall Trend: Copper Tipped Lashes

How about a simple yet new way to increase your lash depth & dimension?  By using a copper-tinted mascara on the tips of your lashes, your blue & green eyes will pop, hazel eyes shimmer, & will frame brown eyes in a stunningly sexy shade.

If you aren’t familiar with the Sukicolor line, I would highly recommend trying her organic, wonderfully gentle for sensitive skin cosmetics.  Sukicolor’s rich pigment mascara in copper brown is Suki’s personal favorite shade & a long-time secret of makeup artists.

“we’ve replaced the irritating chemicals and synthetic fibers found in conventional mascaras with a 100% natural, hypo-allergenic formula infused with organic rose hip, evening primrose and potent botanicals that nourish long term — providing your lashes with care and color at the same time. pure organic rose wax protects the petals of the delicate floral, as it will protect and enhance your lashes.”-sukicolor

Until September 15th, you can purchase Sukicolor’s rich pigment mascara in copper/ brown for $22 (reg. price $33.95) using the coupon code, copper at checkout.

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Tarte’s Berry Couture Giveaway at MBB

Summer is nearly over and now you have the opportunity to win tarte’s Berry Couture All Natural Stain Set at Mythbuster Beauty!  Berrylicious!  No, I am not quoting Strawberry Shortcake, berrylicious is the name of their new limited edition cheek and lip stain shades.

What it is:
Tarte’s new limited-edition, all-natural cheek and lip stain and gloss set.  This set features their exclusive new shade- berryilicious, this item retails for $35.

What Berry Couture stain set can do:
The Tarte Berry Couture All Natural Stain Set lets you achieve a healthy, glowing complexion and naturally enhanced lips featuring two best sellers infused with their proprietary t5 super fruit complex™.  t5 complex is a combination of five of the most active known superfruits:  goji berry, acai berry, marajuja, acerola, and pomegranate.  All of which can soothe, repair, and enhance the skin.

Rules:  Enter to win by submitting a comment at this post on your favorite summer berry.  One entry per person and the deadline is at midnight (PT) Sunday, August 31, 2008.  One winner will be chosen via and will be announced on Mythbuster Beauty, on PRIZEY.Fetch, and contacted via email.  MBB will not share your email address with anyone, and only use your email address to contact you if you are a winner.

Email Subscribe to Mythbuster Beauty by Email

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Fresh Cannabis Rose Eau de Parfum

Perfume. I love the thought of wearing a fragrance, one that captures my personality. Unfortunately, many perfumes cause me to feel light-headed and make my sinuses throb. Have you ever passed a woman, or man who’s scent is so strong that it physically assaults you? Have you ever been trapped in an elevator with such a person? I think it was “Poison” by Christian Dior that was so popular in the 90’s and was being constantly abused. Back in the 80’s while I was in middle school, the boys were all swimming in “Polo” by Ralph Lauren with its strong deep wood pine musky scent. I swear a fog of Polo cologne swirled above the school cafeteria where we were assembled. Ahh, memories.

I prefer very natural, delicate and floral scents, if any at all. That is why Herbaria soaps and many of the naturally curly haircare lines became my favorite body and haircare products. They all use natural and delicate fragrances like lemongrass, lavender, herbs and florals that do not overwhelm me.

My sensitive nose adores the Fresh line of Fragrances. They have put together some of the most delicious scents, one of which has become my favorite for summer, Cannabis Rose. If you are a floral fragrance lover, and adore the scent of a freshly picked rose, this scent is for you. Cannabis aka Marijuana, is in the title and is listed as Cannabis Accord in the ingredient list. According to ConnieTalk, “The term ‘accord’ in reference to fragrances refers to a blend of scents that are combined to invoke the sense of a specific scent. For the Fresh Cannabis Rose the accord utilizes the creamy sandalwood, sensual patchouli, and frankincense to create the scent of the cannabis plant.”

Personally, I do not detect the smell of pot in this fragrance, but whatever the case, it is a beautiful scent. Fresh combines these notes together to make an ultra-sensual scent for summer.

  • Top: Bulgarian rose, pomegranate flower, bergamot
  • Middle: cannabis accord, sheer jasmine, dark chocolate
  • Bottom: white musk, patchouli, oolong tea
  • The Fresh Cannabis Rose Eau de Parfum retails for $75.00 on the Fresh website.

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