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Happy 1st Birthday Mythbuster Beauty!

It has been a year since I launched Mythbuster Beauty! And what a year it has been!  One year ago, after the frustration of searching for honest beauty reviews, I decided to take on the challenge of creating a place where individuals could openly vent their issues and share with others their pearls of wisdom.  One year ago, Mythbuster Beauty was born.

When you have a dream, you can either take the risk and jump in and try something new, or decide to let the dream pass.  Fear and self-doubt is something we all struggle with, but by facing our fears and taking risks we can grow.  Mistakes are embarrassing and humbling, but they are part of the learning process. 

Some of my most memorable fumbles this year include: referring to myself as a “Beauty Booger,” mixing up emails to beauty companies, grammatical errors and tyypos, computer programming challenges, changing my logo at least a dozen times, and learning blogging protocol and manners.  I continue to learn something new everyday and I am so grateful for the experience.

Success in my opinion is learning from your mistakes (hopefully), and getting back up after getting knocked down and trying again.  Persistence is the key.     

And without the friendship and love from many amazing and persistent women, I would have dropped this beauty blogging gig a long time ago. 

My most heartfelt thanks to:  Jami at Bionic Beauty, Mo, Tracy, Amanda, HSF, Jen at Raging Rouge, Nenette, Cecily, Jen, Debbie, Alyson at Authentic Beauty, Jamie at The Beauty of Life, Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen, Sherry at LooseLipsNY, Marilyn, DecoDiva, IFW, Kate the “Rock,” Meg from Megsmakeup, Jess McGuinty at Jessicurl, Suki Kramer at sukiface/sukicolor, Marissa Shipman from theBalm, Ken at Herbaria Soap, Everyday Minerals, Urban Decay/Hard Candy, tarte Cosmetics, Asma, Alison Raffaele, Benefit, Lancome, Clinique, Posh Mama and this list could go on and on.  So many people and organizations believed in and supported me, even when they had very little evidence to go on.  One amazing contributor is my behind-the-scenes editor, my best friend and husband, Evan.  Thank you so much for supporting my work Evan. I love you! (Editor’s comment: I love you too, Jen!)

And most importantly, many thanks to YOU!  This year we will continue to bust beauty myths, discuss hot topics, and hold monthly giveaways. 

Here’s to another year!

August 31, 2008 at 3:11 pm 15 comments

MBB Giveaway TBA on Monday, August 11th

With much anticipation for the upcoming cosmetic fall releases and products, Mythbuster Beauty will announce a fabulous new giveaway starting on Monday, August 11th, and trust me, you will want to enter!

This contest will be Mythbuster Beauty’s 10th successful giveaway.   Without a doubt, giving great beauty products away to deserving women is the best aspect of beauty blogging, and making friends that share the same passion.  On Sunday, August 31st, MBB will hit its one year anniversary mark!  

What a year it has been!   This little brainchild beauty blog has blossomed into something that I really treasure.  I continue to learn something new everyday.  Hope to see you on Monday.

August 8, 2008 at 9:15 am 1 comment

Mythbuster Beauty Review: Baby Quasar and Baby Blue

Warning! The photo rejuvenation devices I am about to review are expensive! You may be better off being blissfully unaware of these rather awesome devices. I give you this warning because once you read about what the Baby Quasar and Baby Blue Photo Light Devices can and do for your skin; you will covet them until you finally own them!

What are the devices: Photo Rejuvenation and Acne Clearing Devices

How they work: The Baby Quasar (or BabyQ, as it’s affectionately called) is designed to deliver four light wavelengths (that is amber, red and infrared). The Baby Blue delivers only blue light. This is a picture of the Baby Quasar. The Baby Blue looks exactly the same, but emits a blue light.

What the devices do:   By following a series of photo rejuvenation sessions for six weeks, the Baby Quasar can enhance the skin cells’ circulation, stimulating collagen production and healing. The Baby Blue emits a blue light that kills the p. acne bacteria. Used together, they can reduce the inflammation and redness associated with acne or sensitive skin. The red light causes the release of nitric oxide, which is essential for healing. These devices are meant to enhance and improve the effectiveness of your skincare serums and treatments. Light Therapy is best for individuals with sun damage, redness, broken blood vessels and brown discoloration, including freckles.

My experience:

I was told to start by using the Baby Blue device first followed by a Baby Quasar session for six weeks to achieve the maximum benefits. I used both devices every other day for six weeks and each session lasted for about 35 minutes.

Both devices were easy to use. The warmth from the light felt good against my skin and there was no pain involved. I found the light therapy sessions very soothing, especially after using the Baby Quasar. I noticed that my blemishes seemed to heal more quickly and the number of my breakouts diminished while using both devices. I generally used the Blue Light as a spot treatment on areas where I tend to break out (nose, cheeks and chin), and the red Baby Quasar over the entire face.

I noticed that the Baby Quasar significantly helped diminish my skin’s redness. It was very soothing to my skin. Over the six weeks, I noticed more firmness and softened lines around my eyes, mouth and forehead. My pigmentation issues have improved and are less noticeable on my cheeks and chin. On my cheeks, I noticed some very dramatic improvements including some pigmentation spots fading and completely vanishing.  I have been trying to clear up some very deep small whiteheads on the apples of my cheeks for years, and while using the BabyQ and Baby Blue, these small whiteheads have slowly been surfacing and disappearing!   I have also noticed diminished pore size around my cheeks, chin and nose.

In short, I loved the Baby Quasar. You are going to love what these devices can do for your skin!

You will need to avoid shining the light directly into your eyes or around mucous membranes. I did get a few strange sores after exposing my nostrils to the light. Other than that, I noticed no other side effects or adverse issues while using the Baby Quasar and the Baby Blue devices.

Where do you purchase, and how much:

The price of these devices is very high. The Baby Quasar costs $449 plus $20 s&h at the Baby Quasar site. However, if you look at the cost of going to an esthetician or clinic for Photo Rejuvenation Therapy or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) a series of five treatments can cost between $1,000 – $2,000. To have a device that can be used at your convenience and indefinitely, you can see how these devices can be a deal. The Baby Quasar devices have a one year warranty from the manufacturer, and the company provides excellent customer support. You can also share the devices with other family and friends.

Special Discount Code: Baby Quasar is offering a promotional code, ‘mythbeauty’ that will give you an additional 10% discount off any Baby Quasar device.

Conclusion: The improvements are subtle and take time, but I have noticed some real benefits while using the Baby Blue and Baby Quasar. I highly recommend using the Baby Quasar.

[Here is picture I took today with a bit of makeup, (but really not that much), and no touch-ups! My skin isn’t perfect, but not bad for a 39 year old mother of five.]

If you are serious about getting the most out of your skincare, purchasing the Baby Quasar would be definitely a step in the right direction. BabyQ really rocks!

July 10, 2008 at 4:00 am 17 comments

Facebook Anyone?

Do you have an account on Facebook?  If you do, MBB could use a little help.

I need a few fans of Mythbuster Beauty on the Blog Network Application on Facebook, and I need more subscribers to Mythbuster Beauty. 

To confirm, that I am the author of this blog, go to:  Mythbuster Beauty at Facebook.

And please add my RSS feed and/or subscribe to Mythbuster Beauty (just click on the sidebar link), or the link below.  You can always unsubscribe, and I will strive to keep posts worth your time.

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Many, many thanks!

June 26, 2008 at 10:25 am 4 comments

Last Week to Enter: Alison Raffaele Shine Buster Giveaway

Only one week left to enter Alison Raffaele’s Shine Buster GiveawayAlison Raffaele Cosmetics has come up with a fantastic set of products to offset the slippery effects of the summer skin oil slick.  3 people will be awarded a set of amazing Alison Raffaele Shine Busting Cosmetics!  

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Rock Star Mom: Why should Mo have all the fun?


Why should Mo have all the fun?!

This morning instead of using my boring brown eyeliner, I grabbed Urban Decay’s dark, sexy purple ROCKSTAR 24/7 Glide-on pencil and did my best to create the glam swoosh-liner look. Mo emailed me about a 30% off friends and family code through April 30th at Urban Decay. Simply enter code “FFA30” at checkout!  I also applied on my lips my newly found favorite Glossy Lip Tint in Cherrybomb by BECCA., proceeded to grab my electric guitar and voila! I am a ROCK STAR MOM!

Watch out Madonna, move over Fergie, Jen at Mythbuster Beauty has arrived!

My daughter Amanda did an incredible job taking and editing some rockin’ shots of her madre today. Thanks for the inspiration Mo!


April 25, 2008 at 1:00 pm 10 comments

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