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Please Help ME! Making Peace with your Hair

Last week I received an email and the subject line said, “PLEASE HELP ME!” and read as follows:

Hi Jen,

I really need some help and I was wondering if you could help me out. I have really REALLY thick curly hair. It’s longer than shoulder length (about half way down my chest). I am so sick of looking at my hair this way. I was never taught how to manage my hair properly because my mother has the exact opposite of what I have (so I blame my father for my torture. haha.) I’m so sick of looking at it that I want to cut….I want it all done. I want to do a short hair style but is there one that you would recommend? (pictures would be helpful so I can take it to a salon) Thanks so much for your time. – S

Oh S you are not alone.  This is my response to her:

Dear S,

I just got your message and would love to help you.  Have you spent any time on the website?  If not, if you could go to the page and tell me what kind of specific hair type you have.

I am a 3A, and it sounds like you might be a 3C or possibly a 4A.  There are a lot of wonderful techniques and products that I would love you to try.   If you can, visit your library and check out the book, “Curly Girl,” by Lorraine Massey, the curly girls BIBLE!

And just hold off for a bit on the haircut until you have researched this out and found a hairstylist that really understands curly hair (not many do).  You will want a dry cut, not a wet one, you need someone who spends time to see your curl pattern and can enhance what you have, and no razors allowed, ever!!!

I grew up in a family where everyone had “normal hair” except me, so they were all as bewildered as I was!  It took me 38 years to discover the curly girl method, and I am so happy you are going to learn to love your own hair, you really will.  Curly girls are IN, we are what is hip and what everyone wants right now, so by learning how to work with it is going to be an amazing experience for you.

I have a ton of articles on Mythbuster Beauty, including the post where I worked with Tracy and she took the three week naturally curly challenge:

The Three Week Naturally Curly ChallengeOn this post, you can read where we talk about specific curly hair rules, like no brushing, no shampooing, no blow frying, I mean drying!

Most importantly, learning to accept and embrace your hair is probably one of the most important and difficult things you will face (hopefully) :).  Thank you so much for trusting me and sharing this part of your life with me.  If you can give me your hair type information then I can search for some photos and continue on this journey to fabulous hair.

Best,  Jen

*This is a picture of a rose in my garden, it is the “Love and Peace” rose, which I think is an appropriate theme to making peace with your hair!

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Beauty Bloggers and Brands Unite for a Cure to Breast Cancer


In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Total Beauty blog community is hosting an initiative that integrates breast cancer awareness, fundraising to benefit the Breast Cancer Research Fund (BCRF) and daily beauty giveaways to engage women in the quest for the cure. These giveaways run for only 24 hours so hurry and enter!!!

Breast cancer, your days are numbered… (more…)

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Real Life Heroes: Cancer Up Close and Personal

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I am posting every Saturday a personal tribute to someone in my life who has had to battle with cancer.  This is a tribute to my dear ol’ Dad Ed, who one year ago had his prostrate surgically removed after being diagnosed with prostrate cancer.   His wife Jan, who I wrote about last Saturday is a breast cancer survivor of seven years.  I want to include the men who struggle with cancer issues and support the women in their lives with cancer too! 

My freshman year in college I took a ballroom dance course and there was a very low ratio of men to women enrolled in the class. I asked my teacher if my single Dad could participate.  As it turns out, my future step-mom Jan was enrolled in this dance class as a faculty member of Indiana University and within a few weeks, (more…)

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Beauty Bit: BCA Beauty Shopping Guide

Make October 2008 prettier, pinker and more powerful! Shop pink products and support a great cause!

Breast Cancer Awareness Beauty Shopping Guide

What can you do to help in the fight against breast cancer? Something simple. Shop today from this collection of exclusive pink products — because for every one of these products sold, a donation will be made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Who knew that looking good could make you feel so incredibly good too?

Browse guide

During the month of October Mythbuster Beauty will be posting “Pink Ribbon Alerts” on any posts that include beauty products that are donating to Breast Cancer Research.

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Real Life Heroes: Cancer Up Close and Personal

In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to post every Saturday a personal tribute to someone in my life who has had to battle with cancer. This is a tribute to my Step-Mom Jan, who seven years ago had a radical mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

My freshman year in college I took a ballroom dance course and there was a very low ratio of men to women enrolled in the class. I asked my teacher if my single Dad could participate. Jan was enrolled in this dance class as a faculty member of Indiana University and within a few weeks, the two got acquainted during class time. Jan and my Dad were engaged and married by the following semester. Twenty some years later, I am very happy to say, we all love Jan dearly. She has been a wonderful blessing to me and my family’s lives.

Jan adores animals, and has been known to adopt several cats over the years that didn’t have a home. At the age of 71, she remains very active and takes her health seriously. She has a flair for gardening and home decor, volunteers for several local community projects, as well as being a wonderful Grandmother to 16 grandchildren! (more…)

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Choosing the right mineral makeup for you

Meli recently asked a question at the Bare Escentuals VS. Drug Store brand Mineral Makeup post:

I would be happy to get your thoughts on Bare’s Get Started kit. Quality vs price? Which one of the following would the best pick?  Bare, Maybelline or Everyday Minerals? What about L’Oreal?

Sincerely, thank you for your precious answers,  Meli

Hi Meli, so great to hear from you!  There are so many mineral makeup lines and so many factors to take into consideration.  Hope this information will help you make an informed decision!

Here are a few things to consider in choosing the best mineral foundation for you:

  • Skin type.  Finding the right match of formula for your skin type, oily, dry, combination…
  • Skin color. Is your skin tone difficult to match, or do you tend to find a compatible shade easily?  Some complain that certain mineral makeups can look ashy or orange on their skin.
  • Convenience. Do you prefer to purchase this at your local drug store or do you mind ordering on-line, or going to a department store counter?
  • Price. A large range of prices when it comes to mineral makeup.

Here are my feelings on the specific mineral makeup brands you listed:

1.  L’Oreal’s mineral makeup is formulated with talc, so if you have sensitive or breakout prone skin, watch out!  Not recommended.
2.  Maybelline’s mineral makeup is best for those with normal or dry skin.  This is based upon many comments from a review at the Makeup Moxie website.  Another comment was that while they love this mineral foundation, but do not like the brush that is included.  I would suggest purchasing your own kabuki brush for optimum application.  If you have oily skin it will not work well for you, but it is a great value and you can purchase it at your local drug store.
3.  Bare Minerals is the most popular of all the mineral makeup lines, and many people love it.  I think it is best suited for those with oily skin.  For individuals with drier skin, it can accentuate fine lines and look flaky.  This line is more expensive, but their starter kits offer a better value ($30), and can be purchased online, department stores, and at Target.
4.  Everyday Minerals is a wonderful line and offers different formulas for different skin types (Original Glo, Semi-Matte, Matte, and Intensive) and at very reasonable price ($12 for a large container).  Their samples are generous and allow deciding which formulas are best for your skin.  Highly recommended for both quality and value.

My personal experience with mineral makeup is mixed.  My best results have been with the Everyday Mineral line, and that could be due to my specific skin type (combination skin and sensitive to breakouts) and I have liked their Original Glo and Semi-Matte formulas.  Ideally, I still prefer a liquid foundation or a tinted moisturizer. 

My biggest complaints with SOME mineral makeup foundations are:

  • The “itch” factor, my skin feels coated and slightly irritated by the mineral makeup
  • Some mineral powders can accentuate fine lines on my skin, and deposit in my laugh lines 😦
  • My skin ends up looking too matte and chalky
  • The powder can emphasize flaking and dry patches on my face

But I realize that with the right formula and the right skin type, your skin can look amazing while using a mineral makeup foundation.  Here are some other MBB posts on the subject of mineral makeup:

Best wishes Meli, and hope to hear what you end up using and how you feel about it.  JEN

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SU2C: Stand Up 2 Cancer


Bionic Beauty got me on the SU2C bandwagon, and she recently posted that,

Spell Cosmetics is well-known for their personal touches and charity support. Now, they are Standing Up 2 Cancer by donating $5 of every sale over $30 on September 5, 2008. That’s an incredible donation amount!!” To find out more about this deal, hop on over to Bionic Beauty’s site!

Also, tonight in an unprecedented television event, NBC, ABC, and CBS will simultaneously devote 1 hour of commercial-free prime time to raise funds for the fight against cancer.  A spectacular line up of talent including Jennifer Aniston, James Taylor, Scarlett Johansson, Meryl Streep, David Cook, Christina Applegate, Lance Armstrong, Jack Black, Kirsten Dunst, Charles Barkley, America Ferrera, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Forrest Whitaker, Jimmy Fallon, Keanu Reeves will make personal appearances on the show.

Tune in tonight, Friday, September 5th at 8pm on NBC, ABC, and CBS.

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