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Urban Decay “Showers to Flowers” Tally

This morning, I tallied all the different favorite flowers mentioned, and read through all 125 entries for April’s Urban Decay Showers to Flowers contest.  Each entry was simply delightful.  If you have some time, scroll through the comments from this contest.  What an incredible group of individuals you all are! 

I will be announcing a winner in the next 24 hours, and because of the overwhelming response, am offering a 2nd and 3rd place price as well.  So three of you will be winning some incredibly fabulous Urban Decay Loose Pigments!  Best luck to all.

#1 Flower Favorite:  LILACS, 23 votes

Lilacs – I love all the spring flowers, but lilacs are my spring favorite! (Peonies are a summer flower round these parts.)

I always try to make it up to the Lilac Festival at the Boston Arboretum. I wander around like a happy dork burying my nose in every bunch of blossoms in the park, getting muddy and stung by bees and drunk on the scent of lilacs! I could sleep on a pile of the things. I’m crazy for the smell.C Abrams

Fragrant, Hypnotizing, and purple! Lilacs are the harbangers of summer and the smell fills the air with the most luscious aroma. Inside the house they permeate the entire room; bringing the outside in. They are astonishing and beautiful markers of the warmth coming to fill the place of our cold winters. – Janene Grace

Lilacs. Oh, lilacs. Sweet, sweet crowns of billowing blossoms, Lilacs!tracy m

#2 Flower Favorite:  Tulips, 20 Votes

Perhaps this is a little bit cliche, but Tulips will forever be my favorite flower. Never could you call my mother a vain flower. She never wanted expensive jewelry or fancy clothes. She would always have rather my dad gave her the same money so she could order 400 tulip bubls from Dutch Gardens. March every year, we had the prettiest yard on the block! No contest! And now as my senior year ends, my lovely University of Mississippi is in bloom with Azaleas, Chinese Cherry Trees, and of course tons and tons of tulips. I also got a great arrangment for my birthday a few weeks ago from the boyfriend. Tulips are only happy memories to me! – kate2004rock

One day me and my mother were sitting on our deck patio, it was the end of spring and the flowers were dying. We were discussing my grandma (who had died a couple years before this), and i looked over at the garden and there was one single yellow tulip left, my grandama’s favorite. It was such a sweet moment, but that is the reason why the tulip has such a special place in my heart,,,plus they are just so pretty! Brandi

#3 Favorite Flower:  Daffodils, 11 Votes

Daffodils. They are spring’s sweet smile.LuLu

The first flowers out here every year are our daffodils. We had a huge crop of them this year, which blossomed earlier than usual due to an unseasonably warm spell in March. Then they all promptly died off when temperatures returned to normal. Fortunately, there was a second “crop” that emerged at the regular spring warm-up time, so we got to enjoy them again. – Suzanne Peters

I gotta go with daffodils. The classic early sign of spring when they begin to bloom! And I’d absolutely LOVE to win the UD Pigments to brighten up myself for spring!Kelli

Daffodils are so pretty and cheerful! They’re one of the earliest bloomers and come in so many shapes and colors now. A true sign of spring! – Lisa Burns

I could go on for many pages, but still wanted to include all the other honorable mention favorite flowers:

Lavendar (2), Wisteria (1), Orchids (1), Mimosa (1), Roses (4), Calla Lillies (2), Lillies (4), Snowdrop (1), Cherry Blossoms (2), Azaleas (1), Crocus (5), Johnny-Jump-Up (1), Honeysuckle (1), Lilly of Valley (3), Jasmine (1), Violets (1), Freesia (1), Baby’s Breath (1), Buttercups (2), Dandelions (1), Texas Bluebonnets (2), Daisies (9), Peonies (3), Poppies (2), Purple Clover (1), Hyacinth (3), Iris (3), and Jack in the Pulpit (1).

Favorite Flower:  Gardenias, 3 votes (Gardenia’s were my wedding flower and my 17th anniversary is this weekend)!

Gardenias ~ even when you can’t see them, they bring joy with their calming, sweet smell. A single bloom floating in water says more than three dozen roses and smell better since roses don’t seem to have the aroma they once had. Then, when it’s faded, just cut a new bloom off the pretty plant.

Though I would love to win your make up, I would love even more having a twenty year old face to put it on. A younger, prettier face deserves your wonderful products and I know whoever you give them to will enjoy. – Debbie Ann

Favorite Flower:  Fireweed, 2 Votes

Thank you for the reminder of why I love you so dearly Jared…

Fireweed is a lovely plant that grows all over the place in my home state of Alaska. It’s way better than daffodils.  – mo mommy

May 1, 2008 at 8:55 am 5 comments

Embrace Yourself!

How about a little show and tell story? This is a story about my hair, and it is a bit of a sob story. Here is my picture at the age of 2 in 1971 with my older sister, Monique, and younger brother, Eddie. Can you guess which one I am?

My sister has always had stunningly gorgeous, very dark brunette hair. She could wear it short, or easily grow it very long. She had just the perfect balance of waves and thickness.

In the early 80’s when the style was “preppy,” she could wear perfect wispy bangs and draw the rest back with a stylish pink and green ribbon headband. On lazy mornings, she could sweep it all up in a ponytail, simple and elegant.

When hair styles went bigger and wavier in the mid 80’s, she got a body wave perm. Monique could then style it any way she pleased: full and wavy, or blow dryer straight with curled ends. Yes, I thought my sister had the perfect hair, and I was always green with envy.

I was born with very little hair, and the little hair I had the nurses immediately shaved off. After my delivery, I had some breathing issues and severe jaundice that led to having an IV being placed in my scalp. After a few months, my true hair started coming in. My hair had the appearance of yellowish downy feathers like what you see on a baby duck.

As I got older, and my hair grew, my mother tried several things and consulted with many women at the local beauty shops. At the age of 2, she gave me my first home perm in hopes of giving it some curl and control. I can remember at times standing next to my Mom in the checkout line at the grocery store, or at church, and someone would ask her, “What happened to your daughter’s hair? Bad perm or something?” It always amazed me how people would make these comments and think I didn’t understood what was being said, or that I wouldn’t feel badly about their statements.

I have many memories of my Mom trying to brush my hair out in the morning before school. My scalp just grew accustomed to the pain. It was no use complaining. I just had to accept it. I usually would avoid looking at myself in the mirror as well. In the morning, my Mom would slick it down with Vaseline and water and pull it tightly into a pigtail. By the end of the day, it would be bursting out of the pigtail all over the place. One big frizz ball.

When hearing the story of the Ugly Duckling, I truly believed that I was that duckling.

While growing up, I learned little by little how to try different techniques and products to make my hair look better. Luckily, by high school, I could actually make my hair presentable. It would take a lot of time and work. I usually would wake up at 5:30 am to have enough time to wash, blow dry, set curlers, and style my hair. And usually, if I went out again after school, I would need to re-wash and re-style my hair. .Seriously, the amount of time and energy I have spent on my hair is staggering to think about! And the end product still left me self-conscious and embarrassed.

That is until March of this year, when something inside me couldn’t do it anymore. I couldn’t torture, blow dry and fight against the hair God gave me one more day.
I believe it was nothing short of divine intervention that sent me to and Lorraine Massey’s book, “Curly Girl.” Without a doubt, these two sources of information have changed my life and given me a new found love and appreciation for my hair.

I only wish I had learned to be comfortable and confident with my hair before now. All those years of despair, feeling like an outcast and believing I had a flaw that made me different from other children. All that time thinking I was an ugly duckling waiting to become a swan when in fact I was an adorable little chick!

That is also what inspired me to create my blog and share these experiences. Writing out those memories still gets to me. I sincerely hope that we can empower each other by sharing our knowledge and building each other up. I want to get the word out so that the “little Jenny’s” out there can benefit from my experience and learn to accept themselves for the beautiful people they are! Embrace yourself and your hair, no matter what!

September 20, 2007 at 10:31 pm 6 comments

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