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Spotlight: Anne Dorsey – Milk & Honey Wellness

This month’s featured “Mythbuster Beauty Spotlight” is all about being authentic in all aspects that pertain to natural health, harmony and beauty.

Be sure to read to the end of this feature; and Anne’s thoughts on “being real” are just beautiful. xox

Meet Anne Dorsey12568802_203520589996946_2047353048_n

Occupation: Holistic Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Milk & Honey Wellness  

Hometown? Bountiful, Utah

Where else have you lived? Seattle, Santa Barbara, White Fish Montana, Mexico

Where do you live now? Salt Lake City, Utah

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

I lie in bed for a few minutes, breathe, stretch, and set my intentions for the day. Then I make my warm lemon water and coffee.

What first drew you to the business of natural health and wellness?

Every year as a child I would pick out seeds and plant a garden with my grandfather. I loved to be in the garden, watching things grow and eating food that I had started from a little seed. I would also help my mother can peaches, tomatoes, grape juice, pickles, you name it. Growing our own food and putting it up for the winter was something we did every year. I learned first hand how much better food the food that I had grown tasted compared most things from a grocery store. I have found that the cleaner I eat, the better I feel. My mission is to radically revolutionize the concept of what healthy eating can be. My intention is to teach people how to have pleasure and heal your body at the same time.

Do you have any special sayings or expressions?  

It is all about having a life and body you love, not trying to shrink a body you hate

Most important quality in a friend?

Reliability, flexibility, and an ability and go deep. Get a little woo woo and laugh until it hurts.

What’s the best compliment you ever received?

Being told that I am a really good listener and people feel comfortable sharing and opening up to me. Also, being told I am a great hostess. That people feel comfortable, safe and comfortable in my home. Being told that I help to connect and nourish someone to their selves.

Do you feel differently about yourself now from how you felt when you were younger? How?

Yes! I feel at home in my body and my own skin. I trust that I am enough just as I am. I know that I am more than just a number on a scale. For a long time growing up, it was just about how skinny or athletic I was. The external was more important than the internal. Now that has reversed. 

MythbusterBeauty is all about being REAL. In a world and in an industry where many things are based upon appearance, what does the term “real” mean to you?

Confidence. Confidence in who you are and what you have to offer without having to modify it. Different. Real to me is all about being different. Big, small, blond, brown, blue or green eyes. etc. 
Instagram: #milkandhoneywellness
Facebook: Milk and Honey Wellness


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Face forward! It’s about Progression


“Wherever you are right now, with anything and all things:  your health, family, relationships, career, hopes, dreams, and searching for the answers to the questions that lie in the deep recesses of the cosmos… 😉 Respect the process. We are all on this journey, and hopefully making some progress, perhaps slow, but making it.”

One of favorite friends Rai, who continually lifts and bolsters me, reminds me of this phrase whenever I feel like I’m sliding:

“It’s about Progression, not Perfection.”

I’ve done some shifting in the past years because of new informa325894_3248034639346_1531166434_otion, and it changed the way I look at things. This perspective is like polishing the glass in my mirror, and the result is having a clearer, better focus. It’s not like what I did before was “bad” or “good.” I grew up categorizing things like that a lot. Oh yeah, and mix that in with a sizable measure of “guilt.” You know that one too, eh?

I hope to share articles and posts that illuminate, providing new insights into the concept of beauty.

Truth is beauty!

Jen ❤

P.S.  To meet up with some of my personal besties, join us on Facebook!!


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Question your personal beauty regimen.

While some may view me as a bit extreme, I really don’t feel that way. I still think I have a long way to go when it comes to natural, healthy living, and do my best. Looking at things honestly and challenging our current beliefs is where I think real progress is made.

Then and Now: so… what changed?

My work and personal interests have led me to seek natural, alternative solutions for my health and beauty concerns. For a few years, I was hired as the Marketing Editor for a top online skin care and cosmetic retailer. While I enjoyed this work and had a passion for the industry, I became a bit jaded. Often times I felt like the copy I directed and also personally wrote misrepresented how I actually felt.

As much as we all know this, the simple fact is, the main objective of any online retailer, good or bad, is to get you to click onto the “buy now” button.

So, I have some simple homework for you. Ask yourself these questions about your personal beauty regimen:

  1. How’s it working for you? Are the products you use serving the purpose you bought them for?
  2. Do you know that these products are safe for your short and long-term health?
  3. Ideally, what is your biggest beauty challenge, and what would be the ideal solution if it existed?

Share away!

Jen ❤

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Then and Now: so… what changed?

So… a new mantra of mine is, “it’s progression, not perfection.”

Here is a list of some of the changes that have directly/indirectly affected my beauty regimen:

  • I became a vegetarian.
  • I stopped drinking diet soda.
  • I went back to work full-time.
  • I started working out regularly at a public gym, and eventually earned my certification to become a Pilates instructor.
  • I bought myself a bicycle.
  • I stopped using conventional mass-market underarm deodorants.
  • I stopped watching t.v.

and most importantly…

Because of these changes (just a start), stopped focusing so much on makeup, skin and hair care, and spent more time on natural, healthy living!

Jen ❤


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Happy 1st Birthday Mythbuster Beauty!

It has been a year since I launched Mythbuster Beauty! And what a year it has been!  One year ago, after the frustration of searching for honest beauty reviews, I decided to take on the challenge of creating a place where individuals could openly vent their issues and share with others their pearls of wisdom.  One year ago, Mythbuster Beauty was born.

When you have a dream, you can either take the risk and jump in and try something new, or decide to let the dream pass.  Fear and self-doubt is something we all struggle with, but by facing our fears and taking risks we can grow.  Mistakes are embarrassing and humbling, but they are part of the learning process. 

Some of my most memorable fumbles this year include: referring to myself as a “Beauty Booger,” mixing up emails to beauty companies, grammatical errors and tyypos, computer programming challenges, changing my logo at least a dozen times, and learning blogging protocol and manners.  I continue to learn something new everyday and I am so grateful for the experience.

Success in my opinion is learning from your mistakes (hopefully), and getting back up after getting knocked down and trying again.  Persistence is the key.     

And without the friendship and love from many amazing and persistent women, I would have dropped this beauty blogging gig a long time ago. 

My most heartfelt thanks to:  Jami at Bionic Beauty, Mo, Tracy, Amanda, HSF, Jen at Raging Rouge, Nenette, Cecily, Jen, Debbie, Alyson at Authentic Beauty, Jamie at The Beauty of Life, Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen, Sherry at LooseLipsNY, Marilyn, DecoDiva, IFW, Kate the “Rock,” Meg from Megsmakeup, Jess McGuinty at Jessicurl, Suki Kramer at sukiface/sukicolor, Marissa Shipman from theBalm, Ken at Herbaria Soap, Everyday Minerals, Urban Decay/Hard Candy, tarte Cosmetics, Asma, Alison Raffaele, Benefit, Lancome, Clinique, Posh Mama and this list could go on and on.  So many people and organizations believed in and supported me, even when they had very little evidence to go on.  One amazing contributor is my behind-the-scenes editor, my best friend and husband, Evan.  Thank you so much for supporting my work Evan. I love you! (Editor’s comment: I love you too, Jen!)

And most importantly, many thanks to YOU!  This year we will continue to bust beauty myths, discuss hot topics, and hold monthly giveaways. 

Here’s to another year!

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The 3 Week Naturally Curly Method Challenge: Finale

3 weeks ago Tracy M took a “leap of faith” into the naturally curly hair care method. This poignant hair “Lock-umentary” can be read at both her website, Dandelion Mama and here, and the progress that her hair made is absolutely gorgeous!

The Three Week Naturally Curly Challenge Saga:

Hair Challenge: Day One:
Tracy takes a before picture and starts her 3 week journey.
The Three Week Curly Girl Challenge: 1st Commandment:
Sorry, no brushing allowed.
Hair Challenge: End of Week 1:
Significant progress and some curl improvements made.
Naturally Curly Haircare: Scalp Treatments:
Co-pooing and rules for taking care of your hair and scalp.
Hair Challenge, Week 2:
More changes for Tracy’s hair, and boingers even!
Week 3 of Naturally Curly Hair: No Blow Frying:
Step away from the blow dryer and hair straightener!
Hair Challenge: Finale:

Ms. Tracy gorgeous after using the Naturally Curly Method for 3 weeks. Dang, I love it when I am right!

One hair care line that I introduced to Tracy, and she fell in love with, was the Jessicurl line. Not only are Jessicurl’s products incredible, they are reasonably priced and all natural. Jess just informed me about their $5.00 flat-rate shipping fee offer. This would be an excellent time to try her hair care line, and if you have any questions, just email them; they are the friendliest, coolest group of people on the planet!

“You might think of this as spring cleaning here at Jessicurl headquarters – I invite you to clean out my inventory, from Aloeba to Too Shea! and everything in between. No matter what you buy, it will only cost $5 to ship. This offer is good through Sunday, April 13 at 6pm PT and applies only to orders with US shipping addresses.”

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Mythbuster Beauty – | Devachan Salon & Departure Lounge

 Curly Girl

Attention Curly Girls!  

Check out these 3 mentions of Mythbuster Beauty on the Devachan Salon website!  Pretty cool n’est pas?

Mythbuster Beauty – | Devachan Salon & Departure Lounge


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