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Local & Organically Grown in SLC: Content and Veggies

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Hey Beautiful Friend,

Wanting to share what work I’ve been involved with and what direction things have been flowing…

The Story of

In 2007, my interest in creative content emerged as a stay-at-home Mom, inspired by watching Oprah, spotted an emerging trend, and decided to start reviewing beauty products in a personal, engaging blog format. This passion for naturally curly hair care developed into a multi-pronged business/revenue model. At its peak in 2010, created inbound traffic of over 23K unique visitors a month and had several top organic searches which came about through writing relevant, high-interest content, networking with blogs, several business owners and PR firms, and learning-as-I-blogged SEO practices.

Along with writing a beauty blog, this led me to create features for (TextureMedia LLC). From the outstanding, entrepreneurial Jessicurl line to explaining the LOC method, to embrace and not fight against your curls has been a way to empower others, no matter what kind of hair they were born with.

Author Page, NaturallyCurly. com:

My love of food is my first love, and creating features and promoting local businesses has become a very exciting collaborative work at Devour Utah magazine. Ted Scheffler who is the Editor, as well as the Food Critic for Salt Lake City Weekly, accepted my first pitch, a story about Asian Greens and how they are undervalued in the typical American diet. July’s feature was all about entrepreneurship and local food as well, exploring what’s fresh and featuring 3 of SLC’s urban backyard businesses. In August, my girls and I ran around interviewing and sampling various fare from a local food truck gathering in Sugarhouse, which you can read about in the “Let’s Go Truckin” article. A return to tradition, you can also read the current article “Preservation 101,” which follows my passion of growing and cooking — bringing the best of both worlds together.

New features continue, for December 2017, and 2018 January, February and upcoming March issues as well.

Devour Utah – Jen Hill, Author page:


Along with writing, my interest in growing food and sustainable living became a CSA business in 2016, taking on the title of Urban Farmer. 2018 plot twist, taking my passion for growing by creating a non-profit community garden and farmers’ market this season, the SLC Veggie Swap.

Recent news about the SLC Veggie Swap in the South Salt Lake City Journal:

To explain, my name may seem confusing, but really it’s not. I prefer to be called Jahnava (pronounced, Jah-ni-vaa), however, before 2010, I went by Jen, and keep that for professional reasons.

Always looking for new opportunities to write, collaborate, and promote small, local business. Let’s stay in touch.



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Cha-cha changes: DevaCurl One Conditioner


DevaCurl’s original One Condition and now their new-look One Condition.

What’s going on at DevaCurl?


You may be excited for new product additions or nervous about cha-cha-changes. Have no fear – many products just received a new look or a name change to better assist us in finding the best products for our needs.”

9 years later — who would have guessed where this original naturally curly post would take me? DevaCurl has just re-invented their look, included specific product curl-ratio categories and names, and added a few game-changing products as well.

“Delight” line for wavies, “Classic” for curlies, and “Decadence” for the super curlies.

Read more about these changes in my featured article, “What’s Going On At DevaCurl” on


Mythbuster Beauty

If you haven’t read my bittersweet hair history, you can revisit my past by looking at this post: Embrace Yourself!”

Through the Naturally Curly website, I have been introduced to several amazing hair products especially designed for the Curly Girl, or Boy. The best bit of advice that I can pass onto you it that regular shampoos are generally too harsh for most hair. Curly and Wavy hair in particular needs its natural oils or sebum to give the hair weight and hold in moisture.

Mainly, we curly girls feel we need to shampoo our hair because of our scalps feel gross. Rarely does my hair ever feel dirty or “greasy.” The regular shampoos strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils. Our scalp becomes dried out and itchy, and our hair becomes dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Blow drying and hot iron straightening doesn’t help either!


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Healthy Ways to Clean Your Hair and Scalp: Shampoo Bars

After many years of using conventional shampoos and hair styling products, I was left with hair that felt dry and resembled straw. And the super sad thing about it was, I spent a lot of time, money and energy to create beautiful, healthy hair, and it still managed to be that way!  At one point, I had enough, and was fortunate enough to be led to some novel hair care ideas, and eventually learn the proper ways of maintaining and loving my own, unique hair.

Any of you fit in this category??

Let’s first talk about shampoos.

One of the most important pieces of advice that I can pass onto you is that most shampoos are entirely too harsh for your hair. Textured or curly/wavy hair types in particular need to hold onto their natural oils (or sebum) to add to its weight and hold onto proper moisture levels.


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Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment

Here is another fabulous Jessicurl product to add to your must have list: Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment. You don’t have to have curly hair to benefit from this product either.

Summer is particularly harsh on hair. My kids and I have been spending a ton of time at the pool, and between exposing our hair to the chlorinated water and intense sun, our hair is feeling dry and damaged. In the craziness of summer activity I have been forgetting to give my hair a weekly deep conditioning treatment! After wondering why my hair wasn’t looking so great, I decided I better use some of my Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment and feed my hair.

Just follow these deep conditioning directions at the post: Deep Conditioning: How to Feed Your Hair.

You will be blown away how healthy and soft your hair will feel after using this deep conditioner. I also used Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioner on two of my daughters because of how dry and tangled their hair had become. Before using it I couldn’t get a comb through their hair without yelps of pain from them. Little Sarah and Naomi loved how soft and tangle free their hair became after using this conditioner. Naomi even requested to use some a few days ago, “Put the stuff that makes my hair so silky soft again Mom.”

Here is a little blurb from Jess about her Weekly Deep Conditioner:

I’m a big fan of weekly deep treatments with heat. They really moisturize and strengthen the hair, and they’re just plain fun to do. This treatment works best with a plastic cap left on for 20 minutes. This thick conditioner uses Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter to add some serious moisture to your hair. For an even more intense treatment, use it with our Micro Heat Cap.

In the summer months, you simply apply your conditioner and a plastic cap and sit out in the sunshine as your heat source for 20 minutes. The heat from the sun works great and really helps the conditioner fully penetrate the hair shaft. After the 20 minutes let your hair cool off for 5-10 minutes, and rinse and style as usual.

So, if your hair is feeling a bit on the crunchy side, it might be time to feed that hair!

You can purchase Jessicurl’s Weekly Deep Conditioning Treatment at the Jessicurl website for $12.00.

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Introduction to the Curly Girl Method: Devachan

In the past year, I have devoted a great deal of time and energy toward learning and obeying the rules of the naturally curly method.  Lorraine Massey, the author of, “Curly Girl” created her own hair salon, Devachan, and a several popular naturally curly product lines:  DevaCurl, DevaColor, and DevaCare.

Below is a quick 411 introduction video of Devachan and the Curly Girl Method:

Devachan is also responsible for the creation of the DevaSun Dryer DevaFuserThe DevaSun Dryer DevaFuser was uniquely made to suit the unique needs of curly hair.  Sheer brilliance!   Most hair dryers would merely blow your hair to galactic frizz heights.  The DevaSun Dryer DevaFuser is ionically charged to dry your hair without damaging it.   The DevaFuser distributes the current gently and lifts your hair through its hand-shaped diffuser. 

This morning after my regular conditioner washing hair routine, I added a leave-on conditioner and styling gel, twisted a few areas around my crown, and reached for the DevaSun Dryer Deva Fuser.  I am telling you honestly, this ain’t your mother’s hair dryer!

DevaSun Dryer
-ion generating technology.
-6 times more negative ion delivery.
-3 temperature settings specifically designed for curly and wavy hair.
-2 motor speeds.
-2 concentrator nozzles included.
-Unique ergonomic design.

-The first diffuser innovation in over 60 years.
-360 degree diffused air flow.
-Unique ergonomic design.
-Light weight and quick drying.
-Eliminates frizz forever.

I went from wet, dripping hair, to beautiful tame waves in less than 10 minutes.  This dryer is not cheap (retails for $185); however, this is a high quality, intelligently designed hair dryer.  If you have naturally curly thick hair this money will be well spent.  The DevaSun Dryer and DevaFuser will drastically cut down your drying time, and assist you in achieving a gorgeous head of curls.  My only complaint, the DevaFuser attachment doesn’t always stay attached to the dryer, which can be annoying.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Dandelion Mama (Tracy) observations on the DevaSun Dryer DevaFuser:

  “ looks like a strange chicken hat on top of a rocket- but it’s not.” 

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The 3 Week Naturally Curly Method Challenge: Finale

3 weeks ago Tracy M took a “leap of faith” into the naturally curly hair care method. This poignant hair “Lock-umentary” can be read at both her website, Dandelion Mama and here, and the progress that her hair made is absolutely gorgeous!

The Three Week Naturally Curly Challenge Saga:

Hair Challenge: Day One:
Tracy takes a before picture and starts her 3 week journey.
The Three Week Curly Girl Challenge: 1st Commandment:
Sorry, no brushing allowed.
Hair Challenge: End of Week 1:
Significant progress and some curl improvements made.
Naturally Curly Haircare: Scalp Treatments:
Co-pooing and rules for taking care of your hair and scalp.
Hair Challenge, Week 2:
More changes for Tracy’s hair, and boingers even!
Week 3 of Naturally Curly Hair: No Blow Frying:
Step away from the blow dryer and hair straightener!
Hair Challenge: Finale:

Ms. Tracy gorgeous after using the Naturally Curly Method for 3 weeks. Dang, I love it when I am right!

One hair care line that I introduced to Tracy, and she fell in love with, was the Jessicurl line. Not only are Jessicurl’s products incredible, they are reasonably priced and all natural. Jess just informed me about their $5.00 flat-rate shipping fee offer. This would be an excellent time to try her hair care line, and if you have any questions, just email them; they are the friendliest, coolest group of people on the planet!

“You might think of this as spring cleaning here at Jessicurl headquarters – I invite you to clean out my inventory, from Aloeba to Too Shea! and everything in between. No matter what you buy, it will only cost $5 to ship. This offer is good through Sunday, April 13 at 6pm PT and applies only to orders with US shipping addresses.”

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Week 3 of Naturally Curly Hair: No Blow Frying


Tracy (Dandelion Mama) recently posted a picture of her hair after using the naturally curly method for 2 weeks.  Her hair’s response is nothing short of amazing.  It is absolutely beautiful.   In addition to avoiding shampoo and brushes, I asked Tracy to stop using a hair dryer and any other damaging heat devices. 

Curly Girl Commandment No. 3:  Avoid Using Damaging Hot Hair Appliances.  No Blow Frying!

This was probably one of the hardest steps for me in following the naturally curly hair routine.  I always hated my daily ritual of blow drying my hair, using a straightening iron or curling iron, and then applying the final coat of hair spray.   Just the thought of the nasty aerosol hairspray smell gags me!   Not only is blow drying and straightening hard on your hair, it is very damaging to the scalp.   With the assistance of a microfiber towel, I can usually damp dry within a hour.   For those days when I need my hair to dry my hair faster, I use a Hot Sock Diffuser or a hair dyer with a diffuser attached. 


Jessicurl’s Hot Sock Diffuser:

This is one of my favorite tools to ensure frizz free curls. It fits on the end of just about any hair dryer and keeps the air from blowing your curls all around. It’s light enough and small enough to fit in your purse, thus making it great for travel. If you view the product demo videos on the home page, you’ll see how I use it. The Hot Sock rocks!!

If you are a fan of 12 step programs (and I am!), the term insanity is defined as, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”  Before learning the naturally curly haircare rules, I kept doing the same hair routine over and over again, expecting a different result.   Guess what?!   It never did change, and usually just made things worse!   Breaking your old routine and trying something “tried and true” really is an amazing experience.  Yes, I am a beauty blogger who is waxing philosophical, but I cannot help but draw parallels.

Tracy, your progress has been astounding!  You are not to be mistaken for Hagrid’s sister any longer. Your head of curls is to be envied!

Here’s to week 3!

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