Cha-cha changes: DevaCurl One Conditioner

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DevaCurl’s original One Condition and now their new-look One Condition.

What’s going on at DevaCurl?


You may be excited for new product additions or nervous about cha-cha-changes. Have no fear – many products just received a new look or a name change to better assist us in finding the best products for our needs.”

9 years later — who would have guessed where this original naturally curly post would take me? DevaCurl has just re-invented their look, included specific product curl-ratio categories and names, and added a few game-changing products as well.

“Delight” line for wavies, “Classic” for curlies, and “Decadence” for the super curlies.

Read more about these changes in my featured article, “What’s Going On At DevaCurl” on


Mythbuster Beauty

If you haven’t read my bittersweet hair history, you can revisit my past by looking at this post: Embrace Yourself!”

Through the Naturally Curly website, I have been introduced to several amazing hair products especially designed for the Curly Girl, or Boy. The best bit of advice that I can pass onto you it that regular shampoos are generally too harsh for most hair. Curly and Wavy hair in particular needs its natural oils or sebum to give the hair weight and hold in moisture.

Mainly, we curly girls feel we need to shampoo our hair because of our scalps feel gross. Rarely does my hair ever feel dirty or “greasy.” The regular shampoos strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils. Our scalp becomes dried out and itchy, and our hair becomes dry, frizzy and unmanageable. Blow drying and hot iron straightening doesn’t help either!


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