Q & A: From anti-aging to hair removal, get answers from a natural skin care expert.

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In addition to my glowing review about Annmarie Skin Care, I wanted to follow up by asking her about natural solutions for some of the most challenging skin care struggles. While Annmarie is currently taking time to raise her two young children, her staff graciously took on these questions.

Thank you Abby Jean, Lisa and Annmarie for sharing your wisdom and providing healthy solutions for optimum skin health.


Hate is a strong word, but I am really unhappy about the sagging skin and collagen loss of the neck. How is collagen lost and what can be done about it?

Collagen, as you know, is a type of protein which forms the connective tissues that hold our skin together and create “firmness”. This protein inevitably breaks down with age. When this happens, loss of elasticity in the skin occurs – unfortunately, in the form of fine lines and wrinkles (boo!). There are many factors that contribute to our loss of collagen in the skin, things like smoking or drinking too much alcohol, poor nutrition, not keeping the body adequately hydrated, stress, and of course, overexposure to the sun. Fortunately, there are many options available to help stimulate the production of collagen (beyond invasive treatments i.e.: injections, fillers, laser and other costly- and not always effective – medical treatments). The natural options include eating a diet rich in vitamin C, amino acids and antioxidants, all of which help strengthen the body’s ability to increase collagen production in the skin. (The list of specific foods is quite long, but just think lots of greens and a variety of whole, unprocessed, organic foods).

For topical methods, exfoliation is also key, because the action of exfoliating “kick starts” collagen production by triggering a healing response in the skin where fibroblast cells begin to synthesize the collagen fibers. Exfoliation also increases the cell turnover rate in the skin, which not only slows down the aging process, but optimizes the absorption and benefits of all the topical products you put on thereafter. 

Facial massage is another method that will help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the skin and can improve the elasticity and tone. Consider massaging your facial oil or cream into the skin for a few minutes during every application.

Minerals like silica and copper amplify the production of collagen, too.

Facial acupuncture has also been proven to be quite effective! 🙂

You can read more about boosting collagen naturally, here: http://www.annmariegianni.com/whats-collagen-anyway-5-tips-for-strengthening-sagging-skin/

Is the acne I’m noticing now different than what I experienced as a teen? 

Adult acne is typically caused by stress and/or hormonal changes and imbalances. Adult acne shows around the jaw line, chin and mouth, and is not always present in oily skin types, but also sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin. Where as teen acne is caused by the overproduction of sebum in your sebaceous glands (which can also be related to hormones). However, teen acne usually manifests all over the face and in same cases, the neck and back, too.

Should I invest in higher-end product lines for symptoms like dry skin, wrinkles and age spots?

“High-end” skin care is such a marketing term these days… and sometimes, this confuses consumers as they can mistaken pretty packaged, chemical-laden skin care sold at a department store as “high-end” and “effective”, but there are skin care lines out there that are 100% natural, clean and alive with a very potent effect on the skin. At Annmarie Skin Care, we offer a completely natural range of products for every skin condition. Our Repair Serum, which contains herbs like uva-ursi, licorice root and amla berries, all contain compounds which help to naturally lighten/even the skin tone. Our precious moisturizing facial oils are rich in nutrients and antioxidants to combat fine lines and wrinkles. I believe that plant-based skin care can be often overlooked in the beauty industry — plants, herbs, oils, mineral rich clays offer amazing benefits to the skin – hence, they’ve been used in beauty rituals for thousands of years!

What is the best way to deal with facial hair? 

There are many natural methods for hair removal on the face. I personally don’t get any hair removed on my face other than my eyebrows. My eyebrow artist “tweezes” the hair to shape and upkeep them…

Sugaring is another natural hair removal method, as is threading! You can read more about sugaring in this blog post I wrote awhile back:


If hair removal is not an option, or something you would prefer not to do, you can try lightening any darker facial hairs on the face using lemon juice.

Of all my beauty rituals, which one is your very favorite and why?

My favorite beauty ritual is simply beating an organic egg and applying it as a face mask. Eggs are the perfect food! They provide such a range of vital nutrients, so why not beat one and feed your skin?

The egg whites are full of collagen and protein, while the yolk is full of zinc and vitamins A and B.

It’s very tightening and toning for the skin, and sometimes you can just “peel” it right off (in sections). It feels incredibly nourishing and I love the results.

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