FGW: Who you callin’ Shady?

October 22, 2008 at 1:46 am Leave a comment

I recently had a spur of the moment trip to join my Daddy-O for a few days. With 5 days of travel and 3 different hotels, I wanted my makeup kit to be portable but diverse. I needed something for transit, for the moment when I jumped into his arms, for a touristy walk through the art district, and for fabulous evenings out to dinner. How could I possibly fit everything all those looks required into one little train case? If only there was something compact that contained a plethora of flattering shades….

Ask, and you shall receive. Only days previous I had opened a box containing theBalm’s Shady Lady Eyeshadow Palette(Limited Edition, Sephora only). I’d heard good things and I was headed out on an adventure anyways, so I just tossed it in my case along with a few brushes and hit the road. I guess I figured that if it didn’t work I could always use the excuse to hunt down a cosmetics counter and buy something new. It turns out that no hunting was necessary.

The palette case has a magnetic lid, a generous sized mirror, and is fairly sturdy. It survived being bashed about by baggage handlers, me, and later, my 15 month old daughter (a moment of silence please for the half a pan of Easy Wheezie which ended up embedded in her nails and my couch cushions). It’s smaller than a standard CD case so it can be easily tucked between folded clothes or jammed into the corner of your train case. Not that I would ever do such a thing.

There are 9 colors in this collection, ranging from light to very dark and covering every major color family. The 3 darkest colors are perfect for use as liners as well so you needn’t pack anything more than an extra brush. The color combinations are limited only by your imagination and I found that even the most seemingly insane combination were lovely. On a whim I used Curvy Cami(Plum shimmer with gold flecks) partnered with All about Alex(olive shimmer) and I loved the results. You only need to rub your fingertips across the pans of color to realize why these shadows are described as velvety. They apply smooth and clean, with no clumpy, chalky texture. They glide across your eyelid and stay quite well without feeling heavy in the slightest. I generally use a shadow base, but theBalm’s shadows stay well without one.

I think the thing that most impresses me about this set is the value. With nine shades for only $38 it averages to just under four and a quarter for each shade. There’s no way you’ll find a shadow of this quality for that kind of money anywhere else. This set has great potential for people who want to try several new shades without the expense of buying a bunch of singles. However, I think its true value is for the woman who wants variety and quality but can’t afford to lay down the cash this usually requires. I found that this palette offers something for every occasion, from a picnic at the park to an evening on the town, and something for every mood, from soft and playful to sultry and divine. This was a well thought out color collection of a fantastic eye shadow packaged in a convenient way. For the price and the quality I simply have no choice but to rate it two enthusiastic thumbs up!

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