FGW: Take it off, take it all off…

October 1, 2008 at 10:46 pm 3 comments

“Hi, I’m Mo, and I’m an exfoliator.”

Crowd:  “Hi Mo”

“I like passive exfoliators fine enough. You know Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids and all. But I just…I can’t give up my…my…aggressive exfoliators!”

Crowd:  *Gasp* “The horror, the shock! Wait, what are we talking about? What the heck do you mean anyway?”

Everyone has their own terminology for different types of exfoliators. In my world, chemical exfoliators are “passive”, while actual scrubs that physically push away dead cells are “aggressive” exfoliators. I use both, a chemical exfoliator twice a week and a scrub two to three times a week, depending on how my skin feels. Not everyone can or should exfoliate so often, and those with thin or sensitive skin should consult a dermatologist before beginning, just for safety’s sake.  I find that a lax exfoliation schedule leads to many more breakouts for me, and exfoliating regularly lets me get by with using less acne product overall.

Most people know that an effective exfoliation doesn’t require an expensive scrub. Many of us do it inadvertently when we use a washcloth to remove our cleanser. If that’s more your speed then there are products out there that can step up your game but still fit perfectly into your regimen.

The Supracor Spacells facial sponge ($12) is unlike any “sponge” you’ve ever seen.  Naturally antifungal, antibacterial and allergen free, Spacells unique honeycomb design is an energizing experience. Used with your usual cleanser it really clears off makeup and skin cells, but also stimulates blood flow and massages your skin. Be sure to use the softer clear side for scrubbing and the more firm side for massaging and for rough skin, like elbows.  Better yet, get a bath mitt ($32) for your body and keep the sponge just for your face. This is a durable and long lasting product, just rinse after use and allow to dry. Since you can use any cleanser you like with it, all skin types would really enjoy the refreshing experience of a Supracor spacells facial sponge. Supracor’s Stimulite products range far beyond just face and body. Mattress covers, foot wear, baby and pet products, and even an equestrian line truly offer something for everyone. That bed pillow has my hot headed name all over it!

Even the most sensitive of skin types can easily use the Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth.  This exceptionally soft cloth uses nano fibers to get down to the skin cells’ level and gently remove only the very top layer of cells, the dead skin waiting to be sloughed off. I was skeptical that such a soft, smooth cloth could be effective, but I was very happy with it. Used with my regular cleanser, I noticed that flaky patches I just couldn’t get rid of were suddenly smooth and bright. My skin was soft and happy, without the ‘scrubbed’ feel from a typical exfoliator. This is a very gentle exfoliating cloth that still manages to be extremely effective. If your skin is sensitive to traditional scrubs or peels, this would be an excellent product to try since there is very little risk of irritation. With 60-80 uses per cloth, you could use it 3 times a week and still get 5-6 months of superb exfoliation for about 10 bucks, not a bad deal considering the cost of typical scrubs and creams.

If your skin is sensitive, thin, or could just use a break, these gentle exfoliating products, or others like them, could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Jen Hill  |  October 2, 2008 at 7:22 am

    Mo, you most definitely will need to join the EA (Exfoliators Anonymous) group at some point, maybe when you start using the brillo pads. I love the Supracor Facial Sponges!

    I have the extremely sensitive skin when it comes to exfoliation. I stay away from any product that contains little scrubby beads. I think the Exfolia Cloths sound like they would be perfect for me though. Many thanks Mo. Keep on rockin’ in the free world!

  • 2. tracy m  |  October 2, 2008 at 8:24 pm

    I love love LOVE that exfoliating honeycomb mitt thing. We fight over it at our house, and even Jeffrey wants to use it.

    I love scrubby beads. Give me peach shells, give me walnuts, give me sugar and salt and give me sand! Give me 80 grit!!

    Did I mention I like active exfoliators?

  • 3. Jen Hill  |  October 3, 2008 at 7:32 am

    Looks like we have another possible member of the EA team!

    Little Jeffrey is a HOOT!


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