Gingi: No gimmicks, just smart skincare.

September 4, 2008 at 7:23 am 3 comments

This summer I attended the Cosmoprof North American Trade Show and met with several beauty and skincare companies.  At this show literally dozens of skincare lines are being featured and each line seems to have a gimmick.  Ingredients that guarantee to lighten, tighten, brighten and stimulate your skin, and promise to make you look 21 again.  With skincare, I really don’t want a gimmick, I just want a well orchestrated skincare line that works well with my skin type.  And that is exactly why I am excited to introduce you to the Gingi Skincare line.

I tried several samples of their line, and was instantly impressed.  All felt, smelled and reacted well with my 39 year old skin that is sensitive to break outs.  In my first letter to Gingi, I jotted down some of my first impressions: 

  • I like the simple and informative product names, like “Deep Comforting Cleanser” and “Instant Eye Lift Masks.”  Dang, I could use some of those eye masks this morning!
  • I enjoy the natural fragrances (or lack of) of the products I have sampled.
  • I really like the gel formulations of the moisturizers and treatments, they absorb well and do not leave a residue or sticky feeling on my skin.  In the winter months, I might want a cream based lotion though.
  • So far, I have been able to tolerate products without any sensitivity issues or breakouts. 
  • The Sun Care Cream was really nice, absorbed well, with a light, pleasant orange scent.

Gingi Skincare responded to my feelings by saying,

“We pretty much try to keep the whole line simple – part of our philosophy.  A simple line of high quality products and high quality ingredients (90% of the raw materials come from Germany and 10% from Japan – we manufacture and bottle here in southern California).  We package our products for gift sets as well – something you don’t see too much of in the skincare trade.
As for the fragrance (or lack of), the products are designed to be unisex so we try to keep the scent as neutral as possible.  I use the Refreshing Toning Water as an aftershave and the Citrus Sun Care on top of my head (no hair!) – though I always tell everyone that the best sunblock is to stay out of the sun!  By the way, the Citrus Sun Care is featured in a sun care article in the August issue of Day Spa magazine.”

I was also lucky enough to get some full size products to use for a longer period of time and was equally impressed.  These items included Gingi’s Deep Comforting Cleanser, Green Tea Face and Body Mist, and Vitamin C & E Lipsome Moisturizer.  All wonderful products, but my favorite product by far was Gingi’s “Citrus Sun Care” which provides sun protection in a non-greasy formula and also treats the skin with antioxidants and antiseptic qualities.  My skin adores this stuff!

I recently compiled a list of the seven beauty items I would bring if stranded on a desert island and Gingi’s Citrus Sun Care topped my list.

Gingi’s skincare is notably more pricey than your drugstore skincare brands, but what you would expect to pay for a specialty brand (the $30-$50 price range).  Considering the high quality of the ingredients and performance of the line, I would consider purchasing some Gingi skincare as money well spent.   Feel free to contact their customer service for any questions with your specific skin concerns.

Gingi is offering Mythbuster Beauty readers an additional incentive by including 1 box of Facial Absorbent Paper ($25) on orders of $100 or more (& free shipping included).  The code to use at checkout is GINGIMBB.

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Jami  |  September 4, 2008 at 11:07 am

    Sounds like a fabulous line! I like the sound of the Citrus Sun Care too… mild orange scents really appeal to me. I guess it helps wake up the senses, but it’s not overpowering.

    Thanks so much for the review, MBB!

  • 2. Sofi  |  September 8, 2008 at 5:41 am

    What about the C & E lotion? It is in a glass bottle that doesn’t do much to stabilize the Vit C, no? I have been looking for a good C & E and think I’ll get the SkinCeuticals cream at this point.

  • 3. Jen Hill  |  September 13, 2008 at 9:39 am

    Hi Sofi, I wrote to Gingi and this was their response:

    Regarding your readers questions related to C&E there are a number of points to be aware of when using the product (or any product containing vitamin C). Vitamin C is especially sensitive to light and heat and is subject to fairly rapid oxidation.

    Regarding our C&E, we use fairly thick frosted glass to reduce the exposure of the product to direct light. Prior to ending up on the consumer’s shelf, all of our products are boxed to prevent exposure to light and particularly sensitive products like C&E are stored in refrigerated warehouses prior to shipment to customers.

    Due to the volatility of vitamin C, we recommend customers use the product within a three month period. During this time there may be some yellowing of the formula which is a normal result of oxidation over time. It is important to note that once the product is initially exposed to air, regardless of the container it is in, there is no way to avoid the oxidation process.

    Also, once a product’s container is opened the ingredients become susceptible to contamination by dust and microbes. One of the nicer features of our product is the pump dispensers. Since the containers do not have to be opened in order to get to the product, the likelihood of contamination is reduced.

    Our C&E is not a serum but a moisturizing lotion. The liposome technology allows the C & E in the formula to be dispersed evenly throughout the product and deliver its ‘payload’ to cells in the upper skin layers.

    Ultimately, every end user must decide which product is best for them but we feel our C & E compares favorably to anything else on the market.

    Hope this helps you decide and best wishes! Jen


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