What DOESN’T this soap do?

September 3, 2008 at 12:27 am 3 comments

Sometimes I get a product that absolutely intrigues me. If Nano Cyclic soap does half of what it claims than it’s some kind of miracle product. It fights dandruff, psoriasis, acne, athlete’s foot, and can be used on diaper rash or to soften calluses. Holy crap, does it make breakfast in the morning too? Because I would buy it in bulk if it did 😉

Nano Cyclic cleanser is a translucent round of soap. To be more accurate it’s a highly concentrated cream in the form of a bar. The ingredients are; Nano Silver, or colloidal silver in extremely small particles, Collagen, Silica, Chitosan, derived from the shells of shrimp and othe crustaceans, Sericin, a water-soluble protective gum which coats silk, Aloe, and Vitamins A, E, and D.

Silver compounds have long been used in medicine. Colloidal silver itself has a long history as an antibiotic before the discovery of other drugs like penicillin. Ingestion and inhalation of too much colloidal silver is linked to a condition called Argyria, one of the symptoms of which is a blue-ish discoloration of the skin. It’s important to note though that I couldn’t find any record of this condition being linked to topical application such as is found in Nano Cyclic soap, and Cyclic maintains that their product is completely safe and is not absorbed into the bloodstream. Generally we come in contact with trace amounts of silver in our everyday life, so short of ingesting large amounts of silver on a daily basis it doesn’t seem to be a major threat. In fact, colloidal silver has been approved by the FDA for use as a disinfectant in hospitals. If it can kill the bacteria in hospitals imagine what it can do for the bacteria in your pores.

Cyclic claims to help diminish age spots, improve skin texture, provide extra sun protection, eliminate body odor, reduce callous build-up, protect your skin from outside elements (also known as free radicals) and decrease the signs of skin conditions such as psoriasis and acne. To accomplish this they offer two similar formulas, pink and silver. Pink has a higher collagen content for sensitive to normal skin and age fighting effects, while Silver is preferred for oily and acne prone skin, like mine.

After two weeks use I can honestly say I have seen a difference in my skin tone. I have a much more even tone, with less blotchiness. It appears clearer and smoother, and while I still have blemishes they don’t have the glaring red coloration they used to. I’m surprised at the difference an even skin tone provides. I use less foundation and powder, and concealer can be used only on individual blemishes and those under eye circles that recently moved in. Using Nano Silver in conjunction with my usual acne spot treatments has eliminated almost all of the irritated discoloration I’ve previously seen. For me the Silver didn’t eliminate all my acne issues, but I was still pleased with the results. I didn’t feel overly dry with this product, though it did leave my skin a touch on the thirsty side. Cyclic recommends you not use a lotion or other product with this soap to prevent clogging of the pores and to let your skin adjust naturally. I did notice minor increased oiliness by the end of the day when using this without additional skincare products.

Nano Cyclic soap is applied in a unique way. After wetting your face and hands you rub the soap between your wet palms until it creates a foam. Lather the foam for a few seconds and suddenly you have a rich cream that you lightly apply to your face, no rubbing required. Leave on for 6 minutes or until you feel a tingle and rinse thoroughly. I never felt a tingle, but perhaps that’s just because I like to be difficult. Cyclic recommends leaving the product on for less time as your skin clears, while most products for acne prone skin suggest you gradually work UP to the maximum time to reduce irritation. You also need to store your soap in an airtight container after each use. This product is sensitive to temperature and moisture, so if you fail to store it properly, poof, you could lose it. Many people keep theirs in the refrigerator to extend the soap’s shelf life as long as possible.

There is a definite segment of the population this product isn’t suited for. Sadly, I’m part of that segment. During the summer break I could usually wake in the morning and let the Nano Silver do its thing before showering and finishing my morning routine. But now, with 3 kids and school to juggle, I have to jump in the shower first thing and get ready as fast as I can or I risk looking like the abominable pajama monster all day. This is a product that requires time, and I just don’t have the extra minutes to spare most mornings. Also, if your skin is particularly difficult it is recommended you use 3 times a day instead of two. I challenge you to find a time in the middle of your day when you wouldn’t mind washing off your makeup and reapplying with a 6 minute break in between. I’m sure you could do it on your lunch break if you were really dedicated, but clearly I’m not, sorry.

There are 3 bar sizes to fit any budget, and if you aren’t ready to shell out the $80 for a full size bar, you could always pay only $10 for a trial size. While this isn’t a product I will be using regularly due to my inability to multi-task, I can certainly imagine that more dedicated individuals might really love Nano Cyclic cleansing soap.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. tracy m  |  September 3, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    Nice reveiw, Mo. I’m still trying to get my mind around an $80 bar of soap, but I secretly want to try it, too!

  • 2. grace c  |  September 4, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    just checked out their website. fascinating stuff! the site says less than six minutes is ok too. i definitely want to try a 40g bar.

  • 3. sharon  |  September 8, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    great review! I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now, so I just placed an order 🙂 a friend of mine has been using it and she loves it.


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