Fried Green Wednesdays: Cargo’s blu_ray collection

April 1, 2008 at 7:23 pm 5 comments



I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of Cargo’s blu_ray collection a while back.  If you remember, this was one of the collections from the Sephora catalog I was really excited about. Cosmetic lines have really stepped up recently to create products that work in all types of light and under increased scrutiny with today’s filming techniques. These are great for television, film, and things like bridal and event photos since they are made to be versatile and have good staying power.

The blu_ray collection features buzzwords like “photochromatic pigments, optical blurring, and hyaluronic spheres,” all terms to describe the perfecting but natural effect these products have.  I personally got to try out the mascara, lip gloss quad, and blush/highlighter.

The blush is a great pink color with golden/peachy undertones.  I can’t pull off peach all that well and was a little skeptical, but with first use Cargo proved themselves to be masters of their craft. On my fair skin a soft hand went a long way, with just one swipe of color giving me a happy rosy glow. Natural is truly the word of the day here, because it was so smooth and perfect I almost forgot I hadn’t been outside all week. I think this color is great for all skin tones. I also loved that the color has good staying power, leaving me with a cheery face even in the middle of a sudden spring snowstorm. With its healthy color and subtle shimmer it has become one of my favorite cheek products.

The lip gloss claims to be plumping, but I have to confess that my lips are pretty full naturally and the effects of plumping products are pretty much lost on me. Not something I’m going to complain about for sure!  These glosses have a noticeable menthol scent and an invigorating tingle. The colors are quite sheer and every single one looked great on, even the peach and nude that left me a little ambivalent at first sight. If you prefer color these are probably not an item you’d want to use on their own, but lip liner on your whole lip with one of these glosses over it would be simply smashing.  Even when my lips were flaky and dry the gloss was smooth and even without looking heavy. It required several touch-ups throughout a busy day, which can leave your fingertips messy since there is no brush provided and the colors are softer in the pan than they first appear, goopy might be the best descriptor. Another dose of subtle shimmer leaves lips looking lush and healthy. Overall a much more pleasing natural effect than just coating your lips with some Chapstick, with not much more effort.

The brush of the mascara made me take pause at first. A small flattened comb, it is unlike anything I’ve seen in cosmetics before. We’re used to mascara products having many bristles all over for coverage and Cargo decided to buck that trend.  This isn’t change for the sake of change though. The flat edge of the comb is used to apply color to your lash, and the teeth of the comb are then used to spread the color and coat each lash.  I really liked how well it added definition to the bottom of my lashes, making them look fuller.  While I tend to steer clear of mascaras that claim to define each lash because of how skimpy and sparse my own lashes are (makes up for the lips I guess), I was very pleased with how my lashes looked.  No clumping here, as I didn’t look at myself and instantly think “mascara” I just saw alert, defined eyes.  The only problem I had with this was a small amount of flaking and smudging when it was applied to the bottom lashes.  Not everyone uses mascara on their lower lashes, in fact, many experts will tell you it isn’t ever recommended, but I find that my eyes look fuller and happier with a little something on the bottom for balance. I was very pleased with this mascara and hope to see more applicators like this in use in the future.

Jen has to interrupt to add her reviews for the blu_ray™ High Definition Mattifier and blu_ray™ Pressed Powder that are also included in this five piece collection:   

When I received this 5 piece set, I parted with some to Mo, but selfishly held onto these two!  I am always looking for a product that can mattify my t-zone, but won’t feel or look caked on.  The Definition Mattifier de-shines and blends in beautifully.  It can be also used as a primer, to diminish the look of fine lines and pores, and made my skin feel like velvet.   A wonderful primer product for those with oily or combination skin.  It reminded me quite a bit of Dr. Brandt’s “Pores No More,” and is slightly tinted so it might not work well on people who have very light skintones.

The blu_ray™ Pressed Powder is one of the most fantastic pressed powders I have tried.  Those micronized light diffusers do wonders!  They camouflage imperfections and set my foundation so nicely.  Cargo’s powder formula is very light and velvety textured, and makes my skin look flawless.  I have some guilty feelings keeping these two products from the blu_ray collection for myself, but I am really very happy with them!

Cosmetics have come a long way from the days of pancake makeup and grease paint.  They are starting to offer better coverage with a lighter feel and more natural look.  At only $59 for 5 products (extremely inexpensive and worth every penny), Cargo’s blu_ray collection is one of those leading the charge into a high definition future!

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  • 1. kate2004rock  |  April 2, 2008 at 8:16 am

    This s**t is AWESOME

  • 2. kate2004rock  |  April 2, 2008 at 6:43 pm

    I have to agree with you Mo…the blush and powder etc. are all great. But Cargo’s glosses are lackluster.

  • 3. tracy m  |  April 2, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    I want you to know, I almost went and spent $59 I don’t have because I really, really want this set. I want flushing, lovely cheeks and, well, if I spend over fifty bucks I don’t have at Sephora, I get free shipping. Free Shipping?! You hear me? Free!! How could I pass that up.

    I’m going nuts.

  • 4. mo mommy  |  April 4, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    I’m glad you kept the powder for yourself Jen. I gave it a try at Sephora and it was just too dark for me! But I loved the smooth, soft texture.

  • 5. jen38  |  April 4, 2008 at 2:08 pm

    I found it a bit dark as well, but am glad you got to try it!

    I cannot wait to hear about all your adventures at Sephora-land!


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