Fried Green Wednesdays: Cosmetics and the power of V

February 13, 2008 at 8:38 pm 2 comments


What does makeup give us?  Really. We throw all kinds of time and money around finding the perfect shade of this and the perfect color of that, and what do we get in return?

Foundation doesn’t give us a pat on the back when we’ve done a good job, mascara won’t give you a hug, lipstick doesn’t hand you a tissue when you’re crying, and your blush certainly isn’t going to hold your hair back while you’re puking. So what’s the point?  Why do we invest so much?  Is it just to fit a society driven image of what perfection is?  Is it because we just can’t be happy with who we really are?


Well, my sisters from another mister, I’m here to shout a resounding “NO!”

I have a very, very good friend who I call V.  When we lived on base they were only a few doors down from us.  We met briefly at church, but got to know each other well as we walked our sons to preschool together a few times a week. Our boys are inseparable so we naturally spent lots of time together and became good friends. We have similar tastes in music, tattoos and hair color, we’ve known each other through deployments, sickness, and pregnancy.  We have had tons of good times to balance out the lousy ones.  It’s always nice to have someone to lean on in rough times, but it’s better to have someone to laugh with. 

Anyhow, the military being what it is, her husband recently left for a one year unaccompanied tour in Korea. This means a year apart for the family.  All this on top of an Iraq deployment and a few long trips to Florida for V to help sort out some family stuff.  In the last year and a half they’ve gotten very little time together.  It’s a hard place to be, so far from your best friend with 3 rambunctious kids to care for.  Down time, forget it.  Me time, not a chance.  Don’t get me wrong, we sign up for it when we marry a military man, but that doesn’t make married single parenting any easier.  It’s hard to wake up and face the day sometimes, but you have to do it with a smile on your face for your kids, even if you have to staple it there.  It can’t be much easier for her husband Ant, so far away from his friend and lover when she needs him most.  Our husbands have a hard time being gone too, seeing us tired and frustrated without being able to offer us any relief.

This weekend I got a chance to spend a day hanging out with V at her house. I was alone with the kids for the weekend and we drove over so that everyone could blow off some steam together and we could create some “mom” time together.  I packed up my makeup case and took it with me, just for fun.  It took some finagling, but I finally got her into a chair and ready for some makeup. V has eyes lids that are just perfect to paint on. They’re like big smooth canvases, just waiting for some color. Her Thai ancestry leaves her with beautiful skin color that loves just about any blush you put on it.  I didn’t have trouble figuring out which color to use, but it was a hardship deciding on only one!  We sat there and jawed on while I smoothed and drew and painted and applied. We laughed so hard we were reduced to tears while we stuffed ourselves with pizza and chocolates. It was about time she got a moment to herself with someone else giving her some attention. I finished up and she went to apply some mascara.

Man, V looked hot!  To prove it we jumped online with Ant and turned on the webcam.  When he saw her he gave what can only be described as a nervous giggle.  I thought he didn’t like it, but it turns out he was so wowed he was speechless.  In fact, he kept dying in the game he was playing because he kept getting sidetracked looking at her!  We took pictures of V in all her painted glory, and it was so wonderful to see her really smile and have some fun.  Not only did she love it, but the next day she broke out some color she hadn’t used in a while and got herself all dolled up.  She sent me pictures and an enthusiastic email the likes of which I haven’t seen from her in a while.

V Small Web viewIt was a great experience for V to be pampered and feel like herself again, and it was a treat for Ant to see her looking happy and refreshed, the woman he fell in love with and loves deeply still.  But I think I took the most from that day, seeing my friend renewed and happy in such a tough time.  Watching her and Ant chat online and knowing she felt special and gorgeous, even for just a day.  She finally got to be the sexy wife for a while instead of just the practical mom.  A little eye shadow helped bring out a side of her she’s sorely missed.  And Ant has some pictures of his smoking hot wife to hang by his computer and show off to his pals.

Sure, you can use cosmetics to hide a blemish or two, a spot here and there, but I like to think that we actually use it to reveal who we truly are.  Or even who we want to be.  A touch of color can cheer you up on a dreary day.  Well done brows or lips can make you feel collected and put together.  And red lipstick, oh that perfect shade of red lipstick, well, it can make you feel ready to march out and take on the world!

Cosmetics have a lot to offer, not in covering us up, but in helping to uncover who we are and what we have the power to do.

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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. tracy m  |  February 13, 2008 at 10:32 pm

    She looks lovely- that lipstick is fabulous on her, and i’m glad you had so much fun with her- she deserved it.

    And you’re right- on one hand, why all this stuff? But on the other, it’s very frivolty and fluff is what makes it so much fun.

  • 2. sweetnt  |  February 14, 2008 at 7:24 pm

    First time commenter, long time Mo Mommy fan :o)

    Great post! She looks fabulous and it really made me think of makeup in a new light.

    You really have a talent.


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