Results: Color Intervention 101

February 7, 2008 at 11:09 pm 8 comments

1-06-08 053 

1-06-08 057This is an example of my attempt at blue eye shadow.  Okay its not even eye shadow, its an eye liner, but there is blue being used here!

First, I use my Profaces brand golden rose glimmer eye shadow (did you catch that Mo?), all over the base of my lid.  I used basic light face powder on my brow bone.  Thank you Alyson Hoag from Authentic Beauty for this wonderful makeup tip.

Next, with my Laura Mercier’s Flat Liner Brush I dot Bleu Marine eye liner above and below the lashes, to thicken my lash line and add some Oomph!  I think it turned out pretty cool, imho!  The brush in this position probably makes you cringe, and you need to be careful with it.  These liner techniques just need a steady hand and some practice. 

Finally, I took out my trusty black mascara and applied a quick coat. 

  Laura Mercier

Here is my description of this eye-lining technique from Tuesday’s post on “A Visit to Laura Mercier:”

Using Laura Mercier’s Flat Eye Liner Brush Heidi showed me Laura Mercier’s signature eye liner technique.

First, to create a fuller lash line, she applied the liner to the roots of my lashes and instructed me to keep my eyes open and look down.  The brush was held upright, like a popsicle stick, and she dotted the liner into my upper lash line.  This technique is not complicated, but it is difficult for me to describe.  I am laughing myself silly trying to explain this!

Then, she used the flat brush to line my lashes above. *and this time, with my eyes shut!

Who was Mo’s next victim?  Tracy!  My favorite Dandelion Mama joined in on the eye lid color revolution as well.

She even went to her makeup stash and tallied the shades:

Here is my count, so you KNOW this was a big deal for me!!
Browns/taupes/neutrals = 27
Purples = 3
Pinks = 5
other colors = 5

They also sent me the attached picture as proof!

 Tracy's Eye Small Web view Look at how the lovely lilac eye shadow brings out the green in Tracy’s eyes.  Lilac is the big trend for eye color this Spring season.  She is colorful and fashionable!  And hold the phone, Tracy is wearing a blue eye liner as well. 

Two converts Mo, how is that for intervention?  Are there any other brave enough to send me a picture of their blue eye shadow makeover?

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Fried Green Wednesdays: Color Intervention 101 Spring’s Chicest Lipstick? Lancôme’s Pixel Pink, can it live up to its claim?

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