"Here’s To You!" Historical Comments on Mythbuster Beauty

January 25, 2008 at 3:23 pm 3 comments

Historical Comments?  Well, I needed to get your attention.  Today I wanted to honor some of the people who by submitting their comments, make this blog so worth my while.

Celebrity Comments, “Don’t question me. Yes, I have a few”:

Kurt Bestor:   Sunday Sermon: The Prayer of the Children


I am touched that you would write such kind things about me, my concert, and my song “Prayer of the Children.” It is a song that came from the deepest place within me. I’m glad it moves you as well.

Take care,

Kurt Bestor

Lauren Hutton:  Top 10 of 2007: #10 Perricone’s Ceramic Skin Smoother  (do you think this was really her, or just wishful thinking?)

Thanks for the nice read, keep up the interesting posts..

My most loyal fans:

Bionic Beauty:  “Scariest Makeup Moment Contest

My sophomore year prom (1992), my mother decided to do my makeup to “help me out”. I ended up with HUGE raccoon eyes. I mean, the eyeshadow was dark blue and up above my creases, white glimmery shadow stood out in stark contrast on my brow bone. Black eyeliner winged out 1/2 inch from the outer corner of each eye and then was slathered under each lower lashline!

But that’s not the worst… she applied 1973 Mustang Candy Red blush to my cheeks. And applied again, and again until my cheeks resembled two plump strawberries. Top it all off with bright red fake nails and deep red lipstick.

Oi. What a painful, yet now funny moment in my history. )

Hope the readers enjoy!

aka Bionic Beauty


woman-screamingCecily:   (this entry won her a full size makeup set from Everyday Minerals)

So…does my entire seventh grade year count as a moment? If I wasn’t wearing tri-colored eyeshadow (green, purple and pink) I was sportin’ the purple or electric blue mascara. Let me tell you, I was super RAD!

In eighth grade I moved into the black as coal eyeliner around my whole eye phase. I looked like a stinkin’ prize fighter. It wasn’t until I overheard one of the most popular boys in school tell someone I’d be pretty if I didn’t wear all that make up that I scaled it back a bit. That was pretty embarrassing.
– Cecily at http://www.mychaosmybliss.blogspot.com


Well, mine is silly. I was 13, at girls camp & my lips and face were sooo sunburned. All I could find for lip relief was some lipstick, but it was a really bright pink. I remember other girls snickering as I walked by…redhead+sunburn+bright pink lipstick=bad combination. Now, I always try to carry chapstick, or clear gloss with me at the very least! – Jen at http://www.lordsofthemanor.blogspot.com

DebbieWhat’s in your Handbag?

Very cute. I have one about what your lipstick says about you and will be putting it on my blog soon. I can remember a time my Mom (also with 5 children) found a left over hamburger in her purse that we could only guess the age of.
The last time i was on your blog I didn’t notice you lived in Palo Alto. I lived in Foster City for awhile and worked at the mall there in Palo Alto. I am also a small town girl at heart (but living in the city for now).
Have a GREAT day.
Debbie aka “Real World Martha

MoNew Year Resolutions: Taking Better Care of Your Skin

If you really want to see what kind of damage is there that you can’t see you, take a good close picture of your face, pull it up in your photo editing software, and crank the contrast WAY up. It shows a lot of the sun spots that aren’t yet visible to you. And it will scare you into sunscreen use for sure!!!

SAHMmy:  Here is an Eye Opener: Halloween Costumes for Girls

-I totally agree! I was shocked and appalled to see sexy costumes in Toddler sizes while shopping this year! Who is buying this stuff for their kids to wear?–as you point out, there is obviously a demand for such garbage. – SAHMmy from http://www.sahmmysays.blogspot.com

November 2007 071










Made me “pee my pants” funny comments:

IC:  January Jessicurl’s “How to Beat the Winter Blues” Contest

Go south, stay there, leave when it gets hot. This should be compulsory.

Tracy M:

Oh, Gimme gimme gimme! It was 5, yes FIVE degrees here this morning, and I’m thinking of taking a pumice stone to the dry skin on my legs. Have mercy

Cynthia Berry:

feel better,  i mean!   not butter!

Sylvie Argirakis:

I thought a nice trip to Aruba last year for my 40th b-day would help me beat the winter blues. It doesn’t. When I got back to Cleveland, it was below zero…and I was still 40! Even worse, it’s so hard to return to winter after 7 days of heaven. It was a great trip, but does not take care of those winter blues. So, what works? Chocolate seems to be the best answer to that question for me.

And although he didn’t actually comment on the site, Tris Hussey wrote up a wonderful link to Mythbuster Beauty this week:

Part of the deal in Shai’s link love project is linking to the person who left the comment above you.  For me that was Jen Hill of Mythbuster Beauty.

Yeah now that I’m done with the obligatory link you’d think I’m done right?  You know me better than that!

I looked at Jen’s blog.  Yeah makeup and beauty tips aren’t really up my alley.  Okay I was given a pineapple-juice based exfoliant for men and I do use it once and a while (hmm my skin is feeling a little tight…), but that’s not what came to mind.  Photography.  That’s what struck me.  I know nothing about makeup for photography!  I doubt any woman in her right mind would let me apply makeup on them, but maybe I should read up on this a bit.  I love taking pictures and if I ever want to do semi-professional stuff (like portraits) it might be good to know some tips for the ladies.

Okay … I think I’ll pass Jen’s blog onto my female friends, they will probably get more out of it anyway.

And Finally, the “really warms my heart” comments:


Teresa Hoyt:

Curling up with a hot cup of tea (coffee,cocoa,etc.) , a good book and a warm fuzzy blanket.

Susan Caldwell: 

To beat the winter blues,
I take good care of myself physically….
I eat better, I make sure I get enough sleep,
I take my vitamins/mineral supplements,
I dance around the house with my favorite music,
I remind myself that summer is coming, and that
I will be complaining about the heat soon lol.

Samantha Freeman:

i LOVE to play Bingo all winter long, i don’t so much in the summer, but living in Maine and having long winters, it also gives me a way to socialize.


Trying some of the stellar products that Jen has recommended is a great way to beat the winter blues. I have had so much success in doing so and am so grateful for Jen’s advice!

Many Thanks and here’s to several great comments to look forward to in 2008!  Who knows, sometime this year I might even get a comment from Oprah! 

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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Bionic Beauty  |  January 26, 2008 at 7:40 am

    Shudder… that makeup moment still makes me all twingy. You’ve got some really creative commenters here! 🙂 I can never get out of here without reading everyone else’s sh-tuff.

  • 2. jen38  |  January 26, 2008 at 8:45 am

    Best wishes on your pod cast today Jami! Have fun and I will be listening!

  • 3. realworldmartha  |  January 26, 2008 at 10:52 am

    I forgot I promised the meaning of the lipsticks. I will have to put that up there.
    I tell you I can’t relate when people say that don’t have anything to write about. I have 15 million, really, posts waiting for their turn!
    Love your blog! I just need you to do a make over for me 🙂


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