Pinkalicious, the Pinker the Better!

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While reading a post from a fellow blogger Dandelion Mama (a few months back), I was inspired by her simple and yet poignant description of her son, who she refers to as “Beanie” on his 4th birthday. This post got me thinking about a very special 4 year old in my life, who we affectionately call “Nay-Nay.”
Naomi or “Nay-Nay” is our 4th daughter, who surprised us all by not following the standard format of the previous three sisters. She has sparkling blue eyes, platinum blond hair, and a smile that could melt butter.
Everything she does, she does with passion. Like this morning for instance, she loves to draw, cut, tape, staple, paint, bead, tie together… She calls her artwork, her “Prawjects.” She asked me if I wanted her to draw a picture of how to make lemonade. “Yeah, go for it,” I responded. After several minutes, she returned and beamed while showing me her work. A page with a bright yellow lemon, outlined in black crayon with several other black squares on the page. “See,” she explained to me, “this is the lemon, and this is the squeezer, and the cups to put it in!”
Naomi is a bit obsessed with the dark side. A year or so ago, she watched a “Goosebumps” video from the library with her older sisters. The episode was about a ventriloquist’s dummy named “Slappy” that possessed an evil spirit and tried to scare and hurt children, lovely eh? This show made quite an impact on her and became part of her every day conversation. She would sing repeatedly, “Slap-py, is a scar-rey doll, Slap-py, is a scar-rey doll…” to a tune she made up.
Naomi is also counting down to Halloween, her absolute favorite holiday. She loves dressing up, and this year is planning to be a witch, a good one. The Oriental Trading Company sends us catalogs continually prior to Halloween. She was overjoyed when I showed her that the “Scary Magazine” was delivered in the mailbox today. Naomi will take an hour pouring over all the pages of candy gummy body parts, wax fangs, and oozing gum eyeballs. She circles what she wants with a pen and has me read the titles on every single item!
This summer we re-painted her bedroom. The color she chose was “Bubblegum Pink.” She insisted on helping me paint the room, and I gave her a small paintbrush so that she could. After the painting was finished, she helped me put the switch plates back on, and really surprised me by knowing how to use the screwdriver, she did it perfectly without a bit of help.
We recently came across a children’s book at the library called “Pinkalicious,” by Victoria and Elizabath Kann and Illustrated by both of them. Naomi was delighted by the story of the girl who turned pink because she defied her mother and ate too many pink cupcakes. After being diagnosed with “Pinkititis,” the doctor told her to eat only green food. She goes against the doctors advice and eats another pink cupcake and quickly turns bright Red!! The situation gets remedied, but I won’t give the ending away. Nay-nay loves this book and we have read it several times in the past weeks.

One of the simplest pleasures I have found from being a Mom, is sharing those times with your child one on one. Talking about the Lemonade Picture, reading great stories together, talking about why Slappy doesn’t really exist… One of the many reasons that I am grateful to be a Mother.
(I realize that this post is a bit dated, but Naomi received the book “Pinkalicious” for one of her Christmas presents this year. And the picture says it all. I love you Naomi!)

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