The Balm’s “What are You Truly Thankful For Contest” the Epilogue

December 27, 2007 at 9:53 pm Leave a comment

Cecilia was the winner of The Balm’s “Truly Thankful For” contest for the month of November.

I found her story to be really touching, and I hope she will not mind me sharing a little bit about her today.

On Thanksgiving Eve (the last day to enter), Cecilia submitted her comment:

“I am thankful for my wonderful family. A husband that has been my best friend for how many years? Hold on… Ah yes 23 years! And a daughter that has never been an ounce of trouble. Oh an I can’t forget my 4 pets that listen well, and don’t have accidents.”

On Thanksgiving evening, I notified Cecilia that she won by email, and her response:

“Just need to update what I am thankful for. I just got finished with my microwaved Thanksgiving feast shortly after 1AM. It was yummy, and I didn’t have to cook or wash dishes since I was at work during the festivities. LOL… There is a good side to everything bad… 😉 And it was yet another treat to see your post tonight. Yup even more to be thankful for. 🙂 My thin lips could definitely use some plumping. Although I am not certain if I have enough to plump up. LOL…. BTW, do all middle aged woman become beauty product junkies? Or is it just me? Someday, just someday, I will find the fountain of youth in a jar.

After contacting The Balm (many thanks again), they sent her the following products:

  • TimeBalm Anti-aging Concealer
  • The Balm’s Balm Shelter Tinted Moisturizer
  • 2 “Plump Your Pucker” Lip Glosses in Melon and Grapefruit
  • “Hot Mama!” shadow/blush all-in-one

Her reactions to what she received:

The blush is a lovely shade. And I can switch off and on with my present shade. The lip glosses are marvelous shades.
I don’t like very dark lip color, so they are perfect.

As for the concealer and the tinted moisturizer?

Cecilia found them to be better for combination/oily skins, rather than if you have very dry skin.

“All is not wasted though, my financially strapped daughter just scarfed some free makeup. LOL… “

And she also shared some pearls of wisdom for beautiful skin:

“I do use middle of the road aged products, such as Clarins. Mostly during the summer. Yes I still break out, so I can’t go too heavy during the summer. And their pore reducer is fab!”

L’Oreal’s Wrinkle Reducer. (L’Oreal is actually the one and the same as the high end company, Lancome.) It is the best anti wrinkle product out there! It really works if you give it a few weeks! And inexpensive too! Slap the Lancome name on it, you have the same product but it costs more.”

Cecilia mentioned to me that she suffers from some really painful back issues, that might warrant surgery. Through this brief correspondence with her, I could tell very quickly that she is a woman of great strength and what I would consider beautiful in every sense of the word.

If you would like to send Cecilia some love and Season’s Greetings via my blog. Feel free to send her some!

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