Happy Holidays from my home to yours

December 22, 2007 at 3:16 pm Leave a comment

A snow storm hit our area last night and it is still coming down this morning! We attempted to go to a family Christmas party north of Salt Lake City, and ended up in bumper to bumper traffic about 15 miles short of our event. We decided we better just head home and consider ourselves lucky. As we approached the final ascent to our neighborhood, we noticed that many cars ahead of us were unsuccessful making the climb up the hill. Crazy Winter Car Chaos! We made our attempt up, and almost made it. We found a good place to park on the side of the road, bundled up everyone and walked the last 6 blocks home in the snowstorm. It was a real adventure!
At home, I hadn’t prepared dinner because of our plans to eat at the Christmas party. So we baked a frozen pizza, warmed up some leftovers, and opened up a bottle of Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice. Our evening turned out quite festive. Evan was also happy to watch the University of Utah football game from home. We were all so grateful to be at our home, warm and safe.
The storm calmed temporarily, we left the kids at home watching a video while Evan and I went back to our abandonded car in the snow on the hill. We brought our shovels and scrapers and were prepared for the worst. The walk to our car was beautiful, the lights of the valley glow off the new fallen snow, making everything remarkably bright. The scene was so tranquil, the only sounds coming from the crunch of our foot steps. Luckily, the roads had been plowed and sanded, and with very little effort, we were able to drive our car back to our garage. Evan and I walked into the house, announcing we had successfully retrieved the car. Shouts of joy came from all the kids. We were victorious!
A family in our neighborhood chose our family for the 12 days of Christmas. Since December 13th, a small person with a hood on (yes, my kids have been spying from an upstairs window), delivers a small gift bag with a copied verse of scripture from the Bible. They are verses about the story of Christ’s birth accompanied with a Nativity figurine. It is a beautiful nativity set, and I am so touched that someone would share this with us. It has really been a highlight of our Christmas season and the kids wait with great anticipation every evening, knowing that something will arrive! Last night was no exception, and another Wise Man was delivered.
In honor of the season, I plan to take a break from the beauty blog. Keep posted for a very special interview, from an extraordinary Artist and Illustrator before the new year!

May you and all the people you love have a blessed and happy Holiday season!
Jen, Evan, Amanda, Lorinda, Sarah, Naomi and Rebecca

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