Hint of Mint and Black Cherry: Makeup at LooseLipsNY

December 19, 2007 at 9:34 am Leave a comment

Hint of Mint, Black Cherry? Sounds like Ben and Jerry’s Holiday Ice Cream collection.


Hint of Mint is an ultra sheer and shiny lip gloss with the delicate taste of mint from LooseLipsNY. I have been wearing and loving this gloss in “mint glamour girl,” with a lot of gold sparkle and shine. “Hint of Mint” gloss is smooth, not gritty, moisturizing, but not sticky.

You can use “Hint of Mint” alone or layer with your favorite lip color! After putting this on, my husband noticed! He also liked the minty kiss he received after giving me the compliment.

Another favorite find at LooseLips NY is their Indelible Gel Eyeliner in Black Cherry:

Here is Mo Mommy’s glowing review of this fantastic eyeliner:

“Now here comes gel. With a really good brush (see my post) it is so easy to get a precise line, or to smudge, and it gets all the way into my lash line with no clumping, leading to a very smooth look. It stays for ages without moving or transferring.

To be fair I have found brands I’m not crazy about (Clinique) but overall it is like a product that was made just for me! It fits all my needs perfectly! One of the reasons I really like Loose Lips the best so far is that their color is very smooth and their pots are the perfect size. A drugstore brand I recently bought was huge, and there is no way to use all that before the shelf life is up. Especially since I don’t use the same things two days in a row. I’m not too keen on throwing away my money, thanks. So, there in a (really, really long) nutshell is my opinion on gel liner!!!”

The Makeup Junkie just wrote up an incredible review of both of these products as well. She gives fantastic how-to eyeliner tips, and photos of herself with the product on.

Both the Black Cherry Indelible Gel Eyeliner and Hint of Mint Lip Gloss create a very stunning holiday look.

Sherry at LooseLipsNY asked me to participate in a Pod cast interview. On January 4, 2008 2pm EST, you can listen in, while Sherry and I shoot the beauty “buzz” together. It honestly scares me silly to think about it. You can also call in and ask one of us a question or give us some beauty/blogging advice…

I am going to eat some ice cream now… Yum!

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