Sunday Sermon: Big Sister Little Sister Love

November 17, 2007 at 3:37 pm 1 comment

Our oldest daughter Amanda is 13 and in the 8th grade, and is fortunate enough to be in a honors English class.  Thankfully, Mrs. Larsen, Amanda’s teacher forces all her students to submit an entry into the Reflections Contest at their school.

This year Amanda wrote and submitted her entry called: “Memories of a Big Sister.” I knew she had submitted this as her entry, and I loved it so much, I thumb-tacked it to the wall in my “office,” aka laundry room. This week I was informed that Amanda’s entry was to be honored, and will be sent to the next level in the school district this year. Here is a picture of the two of them at the ceremony. Congrats Amanda, you are amazing!

Memories of a Big Sister

Do you remember when I painted your toenails bright red? Mom got mad at me because you rubbed it off on your new blanket.
You were so little you couldn’t even talk.

Do you remember when you fell asleep in the car on the way to the bowling alley and I had to stay with you when everyone went inside? I had a lot of fun giving you a makeover with purple eye shadow, pink blush and some shiny hello kitty lip-gloss.
We were listening to the oldies.

Do you remember when I had to babysit you? You were playing in the basement, and I heard you cry I ran over and found you on the floor. Then I sat rocking you ‘till you fell asleep.
I wondered if you would remember.

Did you know that when you were too little to swim I would hold you and cuddle you if someone splashed in your eyes?
You didn’t stay in the pool for twenty minutes tops.

Did you know when I read you a book you’d want me to read it over and over again?
I never got tired of it.

Did you know that if I hugged mom and said “Mine!” you would cry, hit me, then say “Mine!” right back to me.
You were my source of entertainment.

Don’t ever forget that even if you were being a stinker I could make you laugh by saying “Hold on little monkey” and almost letting you slip off me onto the floor.
I always caught you, just in time.

Don’t ever forget that when I was on the computer you always insisted that I hold you even if I wasn’t playing a game or watching a movie, or anything that would interest you.
You inspired my emails.

Don’t ever forget that your tickle spot is right in your armpit and you could never ever help giggling hysterically when I tickled you there.
Once I recorded you because you had the cutest voice.

I remember.
I know.
I won’t let you forget how much I love you.

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