An Interview with Meg:

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Who is my muse? Well, if you aren’t familiar with this blog, this will be a great introduction post for you.

Hello. My name is Jen, aka 38goingon29 and I am a member of

Meg has the single most fabulous, addictive, informative, and hilarious beauty website on the Internet. She started it all. You will get great beauty advice all week long starting with the famous Sunday Sermon, then Mondays with Meg, Green Chi Tuesdays, Hump Day Hair Day, Drugstore Deal Thursdays, Fabulous Fridays, and my personal favorite, Saturdays at Sephora!

But who is this elusive and beautiful founder Meg? Lucky for you and me, she was willing to fill us in on some fascinating facts about herself!

Jen: Please Meg, introduce yourself, and tell us what led you develop your beauty site, Meg’s Makeup?

Meg: My name is Megan O’Brien, I grew up in a small town, Ashland, outside of Boston, MA. I’ve always been a lover of beauty products. Beautiful boxes, delicious scents, sophisticated tubes and jars – they send me over the moon. If I had unlimited cash I would not have started Megsmakeup. Unfortunately, I was not born a Rockefeller.

I wanted to see what REALLY worked. I thought I couldn’t be the only one out there that felt like this. After a very serious market research effort (having wine with my girlfriends and asking them their opinions) Megsmakeup was born! I’m sure a bunch of births are started with too many cocktails so I think it’s alright.

Jen: What is your typical day like?

Meg: I don’t really have one, some days are exciting and some I don’t even
hop into the shower for. I do constantly check my email (thanks Blackberry). My husband lives in a different city then I do during the week (we’re fine, it’s a career thing-not a personality difference thing). I’m pretty much on my own with my three dogs. This is both a blessing and a curse. Married women are frowned upon if they date. Damn!

I find most of my girlfriends are single so I get together with them a bunch. I was not born with a biological clock and I have no real responsibilities to speak of (besides the site and the dogs) so my day varies. Some nights I’ll work until 4am on the site and sleep until noon. Some days I’ll meet a cosmetic rep for breakfast at 9am, meet a friend for lunch at 1pm have a dinner at 8pm-you see where I’m going with this? No day is the same. Living in Los Angeles has its perks. The night plans can be a movie premiere or a new brand’s launch party. Never know. I can be with the glitterati or at home alone watching “The Office”. The only thing that is certain is that my make-up is on!

Jen: What do you think the turning points have been in your life? What were you like then?

Meg: I was completely fearless when I was younger. I picked up and moved to New York City to become a model-by myself, knowing no one at 18. I thought I would like Miami better so at 19 I moved myself (again knowing no one) to South Beach. After a year there I packed my car and decided to give L.A. a try. Yup, I knew no one there either. I’ve been in LA and have finally realized this is where I should be, this feels like my true home. It wasn’t easy. I ate more Top Ramen then should be allowed!

I think the turning point has never been over analyzed. I just think “What’s the worst that could happen”? If the answer isn’t jail or death I think you should go for it! We only go around once (apologies to any Hindu readers).

Jen: The cosmetic reviewing, beauty obsessed “Brat Pack” team at Megs, which consists of you, Kate2004Rock, Krista, DesertDoll, Tashagogo, Rachael Robbins, Olliebee, Bunny, Beautyzilla, lilykane, Blus Lee Lee, Greenie, Chi Chi, and who else am I forgetting here? If the whole bunch of you could all go on all-expenses paid fantasy vacation together, where would you go and what would it entail?

Meg: You’d probably get 12 different answers on that one! I get to answer, right? Cocktails are very important to Megsmakeup. We loosen up after a few, ladies guards get lowered (oh God, I sound like a date rapist). At Megsmakeup we all love Canelli’s Bellini’s. It’s like a hug in a bottle. A mixture of champagne and pureed peaches, it fizzes and pours pink. We bond over it like crazy.

I’ve always wanted to go to Venice’s top hotel-Hotel Cipriani. How amazing would it be to sit with that crew of beautiful women at that amazing locale drinking the origin of our favorite cocktail? Hotel Cipriani invented our potent potable, our nectar of heaven! We would sit outside, taking in the gorgeous gardens and Mediterranean Sea, sipping our drink and planning our shopping!

I hope you didn’t want me to answer Maine or something…

Jen: If you were stuck on a desert island, what 3 beauty items would you need to survive? I love this question on your site, so you get a turn to answer it for me!

Meg: Honestly, because we try new things all the time it tend to change but I’m going with these right now…

  1. The Balm’s BalmShelter, coverage=moisturizer=spf. So multi-tasking and so great!
  2. Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum, I just love it! I feel like it just makes my skin look great.
  3. Sugar Bronzer-I use it with their Kabuki Brush EVERY SINGLE DAY for 2 years. It is LA, need a bit of bronze to be able to live here!

Well, there you have it. My interview with Meg. Isn’t she everything and then some! Thank you so much for sharing with us. As a small town gal and a SAHM, I am so much in awe and wonder of your fabulous life as a model, city hopping, celebrity hobnobbing, and beauty site entrepreneur extraordinaire!

Give my best to all your team of makeup Divas! I totally “big hug” love you all at Megsmakeup!

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