Nostalgic Summer: Class of 1987 (slight edit)

November 7, 2007 at 5:12 pm Leave a comment

A while back in a post I wrote called, Nostalgic Summer: Class of 1987, I included a picture of a young woman with the most amazing 80’s hair that I could find. I really meant to include a picture of myself in High School, but her picture captured what I was really looking for. She styled her hair the way many girls in the 1980’s chose to do. She would comb-tease, gel, scrunch, and spray her hair and bangs to achieve the height and volume that would go way beyond the natural laws of the planet!

Recently, a fellow blogging friend named Manic Mom, interviewed me for her infamous Manic Minute for the month of November. Manic figured out why my username is Jen38, and that is because I am 38 years old. She is also 38, and we both graduated from High School in 1987, and attended our 20th HS reunions this past summer.

Manic and I both wrote posts as tributes to our HS classes of 1987 on our blogs. Although, I must admit, hers was a little wilder than mine… Anyway, this interview brought up the fact that the picture on my original post isn’t my own.

So, I thought it would be fun to include my actual HS senior picture. Evan carried this picture in his wallet during his entire mission, even though we were not boyfriend/girlfriend. He used to tell his fellow missionary companions I was though!

Yes, my hair was a bit poofy, but it was a far cry from the “Miss Big Bangs” picture from my original post. How I used to love that gorgeous glow from a suntan. In the summer, my golden face went so well with some Sparkly Blue Eye Liner and a little Opalescent Pink Lip Stick!

Yes, I’m still and will always be preoccupied by the 1980’s!

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