Nostalgic Summer: Class of 1987

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This post is going to age me a tad. Okay, I admit it. I am not 21.

My 20th High School Reunion was scheduled for the summer of 2007. The thought of meeting with my old classmates again, (including my old boyfriend), from 20 years ago put me in a tailspin.

Had it really been 20 years? That whole High School thing was all a dream, a weird dream, right?

Of course I wanted to go. But then again, did I really want to reintroduce myself to a bunch of people that I grew up with; most of whom I hadn’t heard from or seen in 20 years?

While considering the options, my husband Evan encouraged me by saying, “You only live once.” That clinched it. I asked Grandma to watch the kids, and reserved a ticket to fly the 1,500 miles to Bloomington, Indiana with Evan’s frequent flier miles. I was going!

That’s when the panic set in, and I began to fall into a state which I now call PMLC. My Pre-Mid Life Crisis.

This crisis was caused by examining myself a little closer in the mirror. About a year ago I started watching the TLC program,”10 Years Younger.” I was hoping someone in my family would nominate me.

While seeking for some cosmetic miracles on the Internet, I felt very ridiculous. Although my pride didn’t prevent me from looking. I came across many websites, most promoting their own product lines and making outlandish claims. I might have been desperate, but some of these promises were so transparently false, that I couldn’t trust them.

That’s when I met Meg. Her site really offered something unique. Not only a wonderful place to discover great cosmetics and skincare lines, but a forum to gain support and friendship.

Needless to say, I had a fabulous time at my reunion. The experience exceeded all of my expectations. I was able to see so many old, good friends (some I knew since Kindergarten). My old boyfriend is a Doctor, another good friend runs her own Circus, one guy even works for Vanity Fair in NYC. Meeting all those people again made the entire PMLC worth it.

Plus, I now have some new friends at Meg’s, and my skin has never felt or looked better!

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