Sarah Loves Chicken Poop

September 6, 2007 at 5:11 pm Leave a comment

I have a very sweet seven year old daughter named Sarah. We live in a very dry climate and Sarah is constantly licking her lips because they feel dry and chapped. As we all know, this only makes the problem worse. Typically, cute little Sarah can be seen with a sore, cracked and very red upper lip all winter long!

As a mommy, I have been searching for lip balms to help Sarah keep her lips from being such a problem. Many of these balms have peppermint oil or something that causes stinging on an already sensitive lip. Aquaphor ointment, Chapstick, and good ol Vaseline serve well as non-stinging, inexpensive balms for chapped little lips (and big people as well).

However, every once in a while you come across a product like “Chicken Poop” lip balm and you have to give it a go, I mean, a try. On their site:, the founder Jamie Tabor Schmidt reports the name’s origin:

The Name….Chicken Poop comes from Jamie’s goofy grandpa replying to her complaint of having dry lips. He’d say, “I know how to fix those dry lips, I’ll rub some chicken poop on ‘em so you won’t be lickin’ ‘em.” Brilliant, don’t you think?

and further adds that:


I purchased “Chicken Poop” lip balm through and they had a buy one get one free offer, only about $1.35 for both. When it arrived a few days ago, Sarah was very surprised and gave me a big smile when I showed her the label on the tube. “See,” I said while pointing to the label, “it really does say Chicken Poop, free range Chicken Poop!”

Not only has she loved using this lip balm, she proudly brought it with her to school the next day. After announcing to her friends that she uses “Chicken Poop” on her lips, one of her best friends Rachael questioned her claim. Sarah gladly displayed her lip balm to everyone in her 2nd grade class, now is that cool or what? Without a doubt, she has become a big fan of the stuff, Sarah Loves Chicken Poop!!!

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